ULOG: Boring day on my construction site.

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A general view of the construction site with me in the picture

Anyone would wonder what could possibly make a construction site boring. Well, if you have been one before, you would know that it’s not always the case but honestly, it was today.

Owk, I actually woke up this morning with a positive vibe, willing to go to work and all because I wondered what I would be doing at home if I stayed all alone. Had no friends to visit as they too would be busy on a Saturday like this.

Was actually expecting a friend to come in from Lagos but didn’t want to go through that extreme boring period that comes with having to wait for someone when you don’t know exactly when he or she is going to in. so my going to the site was just to while away time and to check up on some of the workers as I was told that one of the contractors wanted to cast his ground floor slab today and the other contractor said he wanted to cast his first floor slab together with the walls of the building.

My going to the construction site was actually to sign off on the electrical and mechanical works before they proceed with the casting process. Now imagine going to the construction sign just to append your signature on some document and having to spend the whole day with other civil and structural engineering staff supervising the casting process.

The ground floor slab ready for casting

The journey to the site was a smooth one and took us about an hour to get there with the site bus. We left the office quite late because the driver didn’t come on time. Got to the construction site around few minutes to the hour of eleven and as soon as we touched ground, we swung into action because the contractors had been waiting for us and were determined to kill our batteries with calls.

Well, I got to the site and discovered that the plumber who works for the contractor made some mistakes and went against what I told him to do yesterday before leaving the site, but it was already too late as nothing could be done since the casting process was about to start and nobody would be happy to know I was the one who delayed the job so I had to let it go and signed off on the mechanical works. I just hope this doesn’t get back to me later because I know the implication of signing off on a job that wasn’t done properly. I know this doesn’t sound professional but I had my reasons. If you were in my shoe, you might have done same. #smiles

The casting of the ground floor slab started and at the same time we realised that the contractor who wanted to cast his first floor slab wouldn’t be able to do so today because he had some pending works to complete on his slab. We also discovered that the batching plant wasn’t even ready to batch concrete because they didn’t have enough cement to complete the work and so the casting was postponed till either Monday or Tuesday. By the way, the ground floor slab of the other contractor couldn’t be delayed because they were making use of a manual concrete mixer and so didn’t have to depend on the incompetence of operators in the batching plant.

Below are some pictures I took, more like a picture splash which shows and explains how the casting process is being done for better understanding.

Casting in progress and has already gone half way

labourers pouring the concrete on the slab

General view of the slab which have been casted half way and the other half yet to be casted

This is a picture showing the manual mixing process of the concrete

A picture showing me on the slab

Here you can see me in the picture with the labourers

Well, I didn’t stay with them for too long as I became bored and had to head back to the site office. See a movie which I actually regret watching because I was hissing all along. After seeing the boring movies, I decided to put down this post as this is probably the only thing that could make me happy at the moment.

Owk, I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you also felt bored reading it, then is must have been part of my boring day rubbing off on the post so please bear with me.

Do enjoy the rest of your day…


@Sistem, keep up being the true professional. You're a great man. Am sure your day was quite sucessful.

boring or not just enjoy life

That was in fact a very interesting post.
It's good to see what people do day-to-day (especially in other countries to my own) and to see Steemit posts without the hype and fluff. This is real life and it might be boring to you, but it's a side of life that's worth reading about. :)

Sistem do you still remember me?

Lolzz...ofcourse I do. How have you been and where you at?

Lol smile ....I'm very good dear...it has really been a while ...I base at Lagos now

Owh nice...kindly add me up on WhatsApp. We have a lot of catching up to do. 08076252737