#ulog (Life @ 009): Making An Old Telephone Work Again ☎

in #ulog5 years ago

As an electronics engineering student, I am test today in making an old telephone function.


Good Afternoon Steemians and Uloggers! I'm so proud to make a simple task successful today. The weather station I am working at as an intern has a telephone that is very useful to them but suddenly didn't work out anymore. They knew that I am an engineering students so they asked to try making that telephone work.

What did I do?

First of all, I troubleshoot the telephone to know what the problem is. Because in what way can I fix it if I don't know what the problem is, right?


Then I figured out that the problem was caused by the unattached cable wire. The cable of the telephone has a cut making the wires inside it unattached.


There was no soldering iron around the area so I had no other option but to use an electrical tape. The wires are too thin and there are no wire strippers so it took me minutes to accomplish the task.


Before polishing the connection, I checked if the telephone is already functioning. I've been too glad to be able to accomplish this task since we are exactly 6 engineering student that are working as intern here but it was me, the only lady among us, who got to make the telephone work again.


Thank you for reading and sharing the same feelings with me.

this is @sissyjill at your service


Woohooo, chalk one up to girl power! :) Nice work @sissyjill!!

I found your post because @angelacs featured you in her entry to a contest I judge; and one that you can join in on too :)

SOOOO very proud of you, @sissyjill!!! ONLY lady our of six engineering interns and you are the one to fix that phone that was needed by the weather station.

EXCELLENT work! HUGE Congratzzz!!!! Keep it up, @sissyjill!!!

btw, have nominated you and this post in @thedarkhorse's Pay It Forward Contest so you may be getting a couple extra visitors. ;)

You're so cool @sissyjill👏👏👏 so proud of you! You'll sorted out that old phone just like a man will do 😉 hope that you'll get a good mark for that work.

Watch out for a pretty engineer with a little multiuse test pen in her pocket😄. Found your post through @angelacs entry post in the pay it forward contest this week. Wish you all the best

hooraay... electrical tape is a hero and @sissyjill is a heroine to save the old telephone! you're doin great Engineer and really enjot to read your post too. thank you to @angelacs for featuring you in her entry post to pay it forward contest this week. good luck and success in your internship!

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