#ulog (Life @ 006): My Clingy Puppy

in #ulog5 years ago (edited)

Good Afternoon Steemians and Uloggers!

So sad that I caught fever yesterday so the result is that I am currently absent from my internship. I woke up this morning at 8 o'clock because my puppy got hungry and he bite me like saying "Hey wake up! I am hungry!" 😂

I just felt so heavy headed and I really am not feeling well so I decided to go to sleep. Yet, my puppy loves sleeping next to me. Since I am sneezing, I am worried that his fur would make it worse but I don't want to lock him outside my room. So, I chose to sleep on the sofa and look at him, he fell asleep underneath. 😍


He's my very first pet so it amazes me that he also likes the fact of being loved. I thought that he's feeling cold but guess what? He just love sleeping that way.


Sissy, you have a very long way to know him 😂. How about you? Have you ever have a pet? What's your very feeling about the first-ever pet you took care of?


Awww cute naman nya, how old po sya?
Can you credit those photos please?

2 months palang poh sya.

okay sir. lalagyan ko po ng name ko.

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