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"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

Abraham Lincoln

This Knight came across this quote yesterday. He couldn't help but feel it extremely applicable to us Steemians. Particularly the Hodlers.

Here we are sharpening our axes, readying ourselves for the main-game. And what a game it is going to be!

So this Knight is going on a little journey. His armour and steed are shining.
unnamed (1).png

To the North he shall ride. North to the Valley of Hunters. Thereupon he will watch the squires compete in the ancient arts of cavalry combat.

And if this Knight can slay an evil dragon or two while he is there... even better!

images (4).jpeg

Be well good folk of the SteemChurch.


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excellent SK, also waiting to play, I'm anxious ..

Interesting and very curious, History and experiences made in a peculiar but very incredible way. @sirknight

Knight of the greats.
God is our strength
O ye men that walks,
Salute the defender of thy faith.

It is a great thought, leader, applies in everything in our lives. synonymous with thinking before acting, accompanied by wisdom, intelligence, strategy and tactics.

Knight of the steemchurch, many victories has been obtained, it is not different now because in the next game a victory will be obtained...

I bet Sirknight wins that battle against the dragons. You are a winner.

How cool to see him here in ulog, gentleman @sirknight 😉

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Excellent, so we look forward, with hope to play, thanks for always giving us the necessary tools @sirknight

Good thought, gentleman! Lincoln knew that spending time sharpening the ax would give him better results and more rest.

Well, gentleman, it's time to demonstrate your skills in battle and liquidate those dragons. Hahaha

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Wow, you always surprise us respected gentleman. Important thought of a leader of the story as Abraham Lincoln, this thought is very similar to the attitude that we should take the members of Steemit and our community before the actions to take when facing the tasks to carry As we must take more time to create good strategies, good tools, although it seems at first sight a waste of time, because it is not because the result will look to the future when we have better results, higher productivity, so it is not enough to remove work, difference and excellence is in doing better to produce more and more quality, so brothers, listen to this wise gentleman to prepare, to perfect our work to have better results. Let's wait for the game.

It is a really profound phrase that condenses the way of seeing the life of a man that became an impact in history; the important thing is not to get ahead with your tasks and meet your goals based on hours, effort and indiscriminate and excessive use of resources. What is really important is to anticipate. It is more important to spend time in preparing the tools, in acquiring the knowledge and in setting up a propitious scenario to undertake the tasks before they arise that the realization of them. It is important what we concentrate in the community, without import time

You work smartly

The investment of time and effort is quickly amortized in the medium term. By referring to the periods in which we are perfecting the tools that will allow us to execute more work in less time.

@sirlnight all the way, a sure winner... you are blessed

The quite shows that preparation is key in every thing we are about to undertake. Sharpening the knife is an important metaphor. Great thoughts from our able leader.

with all the love of the world for sirknight

More victory to the ever courageous knight of the #steemchurch, @sirknight.

You are an overcomer @sirknight .....slay and crush anything that stands on your way......

@sirknight very much interesting..

Wow! I cannot wait any longer for this good news of Ulog. I hope my colleages steemians are also excited too as me

Excellent. In the spiritual, we will take the armor of God to fight against the spiritual dragons, be principalities, powers, hosts of evil and governors in the heavenly places. Blessings Knight of the Blockchain.

The quote means alot.

We must spend time developing ourselves if we are looking for a better result.

Patient, hardwork and believe.

Am happy that I dont miss this post, my phone and laptop was stolen and it has really weigh me down recently but am getting better now, I borrowed phone to post these days.

Always happy to come across your post sir because it always add value to me one way or the other.

My respect for your skill , bro