My Ulog #40 Dear Sickness, Stay Away from Us, Please?

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I woke up late because I'm not feeling well last night. My stomach wakes me up. I feel hungry. I'm looking for the rice cooker pot, but I couldn't find it. I just found an oatmeal. I want to eat rice but they haven't cooked yet. I was wondering why? My mom usually prepare our breakfast but sometimes my youngest brother cooks the rice and my schedule is every lunch and dinner. I look at my youngest brother, he's still sleeping.

When I touched his face, oh, he has fever.
Luke you have fever. What do you feel? Do you have headache? Do you feel back pain?
I'm so agitated, I made a milk and gave him a biscuit, after it he took a medicine and ate an apple.

Prayer is my medicine to keep calm when my nervous strikes.

Here's the things I did.
First, I prepared our breakfast. Second, I visited my cousin, he has dengue fever, I apply ointment on his back and head because he's suffering from back pain and headache and make a milk for him. Third, I went to Dagupan to pay bills, and buy long sleeve. I saw kuya @atongis maappeal.
There's a part that is still flooded.

And I went to the market to buy fruits. And lastly, in the evening, we went to our relatives because grandma of my 2nd cousin was pass away. I'm sad of what happened.

That's all for today!

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You are so helpful dear keep doing this and i will pray for your family wellness thanks for sharing this post.

kabisadom lay size to? bka melag may long sleeves ya asaliw yo,hehe

This comment was made from

Ahahaha... Maawang cguro may long sleeves.. 😂 agko amta size da.