Ulog 1: Will the real Slim Shady please stand up

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Hi Steemlings!

This is a weekend of firsts (first dtube entry yesterday) and today is my very first #ulog entry, having just stumbled across this amazing community initiative by @surpassinggoogle.

This really appeals to my whole sense of what's generally missing from our increasingly online life. To me, it's about being honest, being real, being human. Sharing what is really us and not some Instagram filtered version of a perfect life that doesn't really exist.

So this is where everyone will get to see me, flaws and all, good days and not so good days and where I can connect to real people going through the same challenges, having their ups and downs and we can all be there to support each other. AWESOME!

In a world where we have more connections than ever before, our relationships are actually becoming more and more eroded. I love steemit because I see so many communities who generally take an interest in their following and are trying to turn this trend around. Reading through a lot of ulog entries before I hopped on here made me feel this was a place I could call "home".

I've been on steemit now for a bit over a year, along with my husband @cryptoandzen. Mostly my posts have focussed around travel and photography with the odd foodie or fitness post was thrown in. These are about events and experiences in our lives - but what I would call filtered for social media and public consumption. Now it's time to get real!

So here's a couple of shots taken around a similar timeframe just to prove the difference it can make!

"Filtered Me" - purposely arranged and taken with the sole purpose to use as my social media profile pic (the original ones at the time got binned so I can't compare and I'll confess now that I took about 15 minutes at different angles, different editing - shameful I know - but while we are being honest... its really hard to get the - "this has been filtered the hell out of but I'm trying to make it natural" look


For me - ulog is about being real - so there will be much less of these and (wincing while I'm doing it - baby steps - more of the unfiltered variety as below

So here is "Not So Filtered" me. But a very real moment when I finished a milestone walk along the coastline where I live.


And just so you can get to know @cryptoandzen here's another unfiltered shot of the two of us on New Year's Eve. Afterall he will have a starring role in my ulog entries, being such an important part of my life obviously!


This is a place I feel I will be able to share some of the journey @cryptoandzen are going on. For those in my other communities of teamaustralia and thealliance, many already know that we are going through the adoption process, but till now I have not really been in a place to share our journey leading up to this and some of the struggles we've been through. I feel like perhaps this might be the right place and time to start and maybe it will help the countless others who have struggled with infertility and the significant impact it has on their lives.

So thanks for reading my first ulog - I look forward to sharing my journey and to reading and supporting other vloggers in theirs.

Til next time - Steem on in love and light - and above all - keep it real!


My beautiful UpCats were designed by the one and only beautiful @ryivhnn and are based on my beautiful Ava the Princess Cat

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I love how real and honest you are and so willing to be for the next ulogs! I never thought about ulogs being the unfiltered you! Good idea.
Keep it up and I will support you!

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thanks so much

Good evening @shellyduncan, I like to read publications of this type where they are honest but above all where I see that people enjoy the platform to express themselves freely, I hope you can take into account my humble comment, Reblog your publication;) greetings from Venezuela


thank you so much - and thanks for the repost very appreciated


no, thanks to you for taking into account my humble comment :D

Great blog post and its a great experience to read,thanks a lot for sharing.


thanks so much!

Hello @shellyduncan, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Lovely to meet you @shellyduncan! I'm just beginning to learn about ulogging as well, and am so glad I stumbled upon your post in preparation for writing my own. This is the perfect platform to be raw and real and to connect with each other in this way. Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us. xx

Intersting blog post,thank you so much for sharing your thoughts,les rock @ulogs.

By the way how do you make those teamaustralia banners? I’ll need one too 😉

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@bearone made the banner - it was quite a long time ago so not sure if she is still doing them but you could always ask her :)


Ah cool thank you

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It is such a pleasure to read posts of such honest people like you.
Ulog is rightly used by someone like you.
Thanks to @Surpassinggoogle to be monitoring such things.
Keep ulogging.
Keep steeming.

Awesome post👍👍👍

Wat an interesting post
#keep uloging


I haven't been on steemit quite as long, but I definitely love the community and the relationships I'm finding here. I love that you are so real about your photos/selfie edits and the struggles you have.

I really like reading about peoples reality. Thanks for sharing.

God Bless you @shellyduncan . I love reading your post. Definitely I will check out on teamaustralia tag I love to discover more. I've been wishing to go to Australia but I guess it will just be a wish so I'll just see more of it on blogs.

Thanks for sharing your post.

I have ✔ UPVOTED and ✔ RESTEEMED your blog.

Best wishes....