ULOG: Today’s Fashion Sketches!!!

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Hi guys,

Hope everyone is doing well and busy in writing their amazing blog on steemit. I was busy with my work and didn’t get time to write these days.

Today I got some time and I gave time to my passion. I drew two sketches today and I’m happy to draw them. I sketched after a week so I was feeling different, thought was going on my mind that I would be able to make them or not?

But no I tried and didn’t fail. The sketches came good. Once again I drew one Indian clothing and another western one.

First one is Indian morden Saree look and another is simple flare pant with sleeveless top. It is kind of retro look which I like the most.

These sketches are trendy and today’s fashion. Girls love to wear modern saree rather then simple old look one and flare pants are totally in these days.


Fashion goes and always come back with new style and look. So these days girls are going for retro look mostly and our celebs also loving it. I have seen many Hollywood and Bollywood celebs are going for flare pants (used to say bell bottom pants) now new trendy name is flare pants or jeans.


I’m hoping you guys would like my sketches and would say little about it.

Thanks for reading my blog... Take care and Stay blessed!!!


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Both outfits suit the model very well but I like the sleeveless blouse on the second drawing. I just wish I am as sexy and tall as the model. 😊

Nice drawing you have there. 👍

Yeah @macoolette I also feel the same... tall and slim like a those beautiful models. Thank you for appreciating my work dear. I’m glad you like it.😘😘

Well, you already look sexy on your photo so that's it. 😊 You're welcome.

I understand, I read there is rule of self voting. I agree on that.. I don’t think self voting is good after writing blog on ULOG and posted I saw my post is voted and it was mine. I didn’t see the option while writing.Thank you @freedomshift

Thank you for your comment. In most cases for a newbie - self-voting does not pay. So, why do it? more so - why do it automatically?

To prove to yourself - "self-voting does not pay" - you could track each post for curation reward.

Yeah I understand that..

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they are beautiful and lovely ! thank you ;)

Thank you @zpzn for visiting my page and liking my sketches. Really appreciate that. Take care dear.😊 let’s follow each other

followed <3