Taking the "Red Pill" of Love (Men, If You Care About Yourself, Please Read in Full)

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I Can Only Offer You The Truth, Neo...

If you are ready to take the "Red Pill" concerning what humans refer to as, "love", then read on my friend. It is probably exactly what you are expecting and more than you would expect but, first a little history?

Prior to the Neolithic Revolution, love was probably a very real thing. Males and females forming long term bonds were basically mandatory for survival. Each gender had a role to play in which they excelled. Males, with their direct energy and logic, were great for hunting, procuring shelter, and creating tools that were relevant to survival. Females, with their indirect energy and intuition, were better for gathering plant materials, raising children while men were away hunting, and creating crafty things that were more reliant on feeling or intuition. There was little incentive for a pair bond to break up, as both energies were required for survival. During cold periods, pair bonds could snuggle which would increase their chance of survival and make the pair bond even stronger. Without internet, TV and other media, the only males a female could meet that could pose any competition to her mate were probably few and far between, as one would have to travel a bit to bump into said male. Who has the time for that when all of your energy is expunged for basic survival??

Times Have Changed

Yeah, well, those days are over and in the place of the hunter/gatherer paradigm, we have the capitalist industrial/military complex paradigm. In today's world it is not necessary for a male and female to form a long term bond. Should a male and female pair, with children, fail in their relationship, there are nearly infinite possibilities for the female to continue to survive and support her children without the assistance of a male counterpart. There is government assistance, such as Welfare, that is more than happy to feed the child army that a woman has brought into this world. This can be accomplished by barely lifting a finger. If not that, then the female can divorce the male and receive free money for life in the forms of Alimony or Child Support. Another free ride that, you guessed it, barely requires one to lift a finger, much less leave the couch. If these options, for some reason, are unavailable, there is hardly any work involved with being a stripper or a prostitute, both of which pay well for the woman in question. All of these, of course, come at the cost of the male and other taxpayers. Still, the situation, whether paired or not, is contingent on the male giving up his earnings, even if he was an honest and loving guy. The final option, is to use your body to get to the top of your workplace. This will land you one of those "kush" jobs that pay well and require you barely lift your finger. Still a win for the female. Any male with a successful pair bond is left out to dry, unable to get the job that the woman may of used her body to obtain. It doesn't stop there, or course but, if I were to continue, there would be a mile of information here and I am certain that I have driven the point home.

There is no monetary incentive in this current social structure for a family to "keep it together".

How Do You Know All of This?

Mr. Dreamtree is a pretty observant fellow. Spending much of his life quietly observing humanity from a safe distance, he has had the "Red Pill" jammed so far down his gullet that it hurts. It doesn't take too much observation to realize well over 50% of "available" females are single moms. By this, we mean, single because previous relationships "didn't work" as opposed to "my husband died". This is a somewhat recent phenomenon and was not so commonplace 20 years ago. How could there be this many single moms? Surely, if it was all due to male abuse, as they will claim, you should expect well over 50% of the male population to be behind bars. However, we do not see this. These so called, "abusive males" walk free and continue the pattern of mating and getting dumped afterwards. So, what is really happening here?

After over a decade of interviewing women online, mostly to procure a date, Mr. Dreamtree has learned way too many dark, "Red Pill" truths about the behavioral patterns of modern women, in particular, millennials. Far too many of them are influence by the Kardashians, Oprah Winfrey, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, and all of the other female celebrities under the sun who either propagate the idea it is okay for a woman to be a socially irresponsible whore, or propagate the idea to "ditch the zero and get the hero". The common problem between these two ideologies, is that they are both effective at destroying the family unit. The "ditch the zero and get the hero" or, "upgrade" mentality can't possibly work, as only 10-20% of males hold the jobs that pay an amount that would make them seem more of a "hero" than the "zeroes". This means that 80% or so of women are competing to be with the top 20% of males. When a woman cannot have one from the top percentile, she will stick with one of the "zeroes" until an opportunity comes for her to "monkey branch" to a male who has the better capacity to provide, then repeat said process until the desired end result is achieved. Often, the excuse to leave the "zero" comes with false accusations of abuse, as to not allow her to have to take any social responsibility and not look bad for her selfish decision.

The propagation of the idea that it is okay for a woman to be a whorish, single mom hasn't helped the situation at all. Pop singers and various other "feminist" celebrities have propagated this idea for 30 years or more. Little girls growing up under this influence are bound to use their bodies to get everything they want, with zero social contribution and no empathy towards those lives that she destroys in the pursuit of this selfish behaviour. These days, it is "cool" to be a single mom who sleeps around, leeches off of the government or an ex, and leave her children sitting in front of Lady Gaga's near naked body that is owned by the Queen of England. These teachings give a woman every excuse in the book to not give a damn about anyone or anything but herself. This is easily observable if you are a male trying to enter the dating world. Go ahead, try it out. You might get laid but, that is all you will get, if you are "lucky".

With these trends seemingly set in stone, it truly seems there is no hope for the future. For those who are "Red Pilled" refuse to procreate. Birth rates are at an all time low. Don't be skeptical of me, btw, just do your own research. If you dare to do so, what you will find will be so unbearably shocking, if you don't commit suicide then congratulations, you are a true warrior in today's world.

Successful Relationships?

You might be asking me, "But, Lucy, what about all of the successful relationships I know about?"

Ha ha, easy one. First of all, there is no love. There is only "Lust+Material Comfort". If a male is attractive and can provide the needs/utilities/wants for a woman, the illusion of love is produced. Rest assured, if that male were to ever lose his job and have to take a lesser paying job, or become homeless, the woman in question will bail at the very first opportunity. It just hasn't happened yet to the couple of which you are referring.

"But, what about the poor, successful couples?"

Again, too easy. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. If the couple, especially the female, has a strong , religious upbringing, the fear of going to hell is more than enough to keep a poor couple together. Also, some men and women in the poor disposition are simply not informed enough to realize that one could "monkey branch" to a better life, or get a divorce and receive free money for life or any of the other aforementioned alternative lifestyles for females. Also, these couples may be lacking the aforementioned influences, such as Lady GooGooGaGa or have such influences but, lack the mental capacity to actually be influenced by them. Either way, the scenario remains unchanged. If the male is attractive to the female and he can provide what she wants, even if what she wants is very little, there is no love. It is still Lust+Material Comfort. Trust me, Larry and I have observed everything discussed so far so many times, it makes one want to throw their self into a concrete embankment for shits and giggles. Nah, who am I kidding, it is to alleviate the pain of being a man.

Of course, feel free to ask questions. Again, Mr. Dreamtree has spent a lifetime in observation, asking people questions about everything concerning their pursuit of "Love". Just the information collected over the past year is more than enough to support his argument. The majority of homeless males interviewed declared that they chose to be homeless, just so they wouldn't attract another woman who would make up stories about them to ruin their lives and take their money. Again, this phenomenon of females using males, without repercussion, is very real and observable if you shut off all of the cultural programming your mind has been bombarded with since birth. Eschew that Blue Pill, unless you want to be asleep behind the wheel. These days, it is best for men to go their own way. Ignore the prospect of falling in love and having a family. There is no love, just attraction coupled with material success. Men, if you are reading, focus on making yourself happy by pursuing a fitting career and providing for yourself. Any woman you land has a 90% of ditching you in the most damaging way. The other 10% might stick around, or ditch you in a way that is less damaging.

Why Bring This Up Now?

Larry Dreamtree was once a man who beLIEved in "true love". This was partially due to upbringing in a Christian family and partially due to a series of reoccurring dreams he had when he was young. The dreams were of a past life where as a soldier employed by a Pharaoh, it was his duty to keep the slaves in line. He fell in love with one of the female slaves and took pity upon her people. At the expense of his own life, he allowed the slaves to escape so the love of his life could be happy. This series of dream came to an end when he was 16 years old. He never thought he would meet the woman from this dream, aka, his "soulmate".

In his teenage years and early 20's, Larry was faced by constant rejection and could not understand why. Everyone around him claimed that he was handsome though, it was never actually reflected in his interactions with women. Arriving to the conclusion that he was "ugly", he decided to be an anti-social hermit and focus on career and pursuing his dreams.

When he was 24, he was asked out by a fairly attractive female co-worker as a friend. He developed feelings for he rather quickly, as he had never received such attention before. She was technically "with" somebody but, she was also a whore. This seemed unusual to Larry, considering she was going to college to become a teacher because she "loved children". Fearing he may never have a sexual experience in his life, he took the plunge. This resulted in her becoming pregnant without telling him, her banging a married guy to get him to pay for the abortion, and destroying the lives of 3 men so she could get what she wanted. Ironically, what she wanted was to not be pregnant, as this "lover of children" viewed having a child as ruin for her own life. Take that "Red Pill", friend. Needless to say, Larry is no longer associated with this negligent sociopath who deserves to be behind bars.

A couple years later, his brothers hooked him up with a single mom who claimed her "baby daddy" was abusive and addicted to heroin/alcohol, hence the reason for their breakup. Greatly desiring to be a father, Larry decided to see this woman. After a week, she felt it was necessary for Larry to meet her "baby daddy". Bear in mind, this was an extremely attractive woman and quite young as well. Turns out, she wanted Larry to meet this dude just to have his self paraded around him. The woman was all "lovey dovey" toward Larry in the presence of her ex, as if to show him off in some way? The day after, she broke up with Larry and was back with the "baby daddy". even though Larry was quite good to her. Seems she simply used him to get back with her ex, who was "fugly as sin", btw, with his drug wrinkled face and missing teeth. Why did she need to use Larry to get back with him? Probably not a necessity. Needless to say, she is a single mom to this day, leeching off the government and paid more for each child she squeezes out into existence. Win-win for her. Yay.

The next 6 years were mostly him being rejected, or being used by women for free food or to be a companion to make other males jealous in order to attract them. Dates were 5-10 minutes of waiting for food only for the female to look at her cellphone then leave at random with 0 explanation. How fun, right? Good thing he didn't "fall in love" with them like he had in the past.

This led to him mostly being an anti-social hermit. Until one day, on the verge of 2012...

There is No Such Thing as Love, No Such Thing as a "Soulmate"

While living in Idaho with his Stepfather (yeah, awkward), he was on a dating website looking at profiles. Not that he was seriously looking but, he was bored and wanted to see some pretty faces. After a bit he stumbled upon a woman with a most familiar, beautiful face. "It is her!" he thought. This woman was identical to the woman he had in his dreams when he was a youth. He was convinced that she must be his "soulmate" and was in fact, a reincarnation of the woman from his past life. Normally, he would had avoided reaching out to a woman on a dating site but, this time he made an exception. Usually, women ignore him entirely on dating sites but, this one was more than happy to chat with him. Turned out that she seemed really cool and most interested in meeting him. She sort of lived far away, so he saved up money over the course of 6 months to make a pilgrimage to see her. He fell in love with her instantly and for once in his life, had nothing but positive thoughts towards the idea. There was no doubt in his mind that she was his soulmate. So, what happened? The title of this article isn't exactly a vote of confidence for this story.

Their first date was mostly fine, except that it was a double date with her sister and her boyfriend. After drinks, he was invited to go with them to her sister's apartment. After eating dinner, Larry stepped outside for a smoke. At this point the sister came out to tell him, "she doesn't like you and you have to leave now!" He wasn't allowed back inside nor permitted any additional information. In a cloud of confusion and despair, he cried his way back to his vehicle that was parked downtown. He had no idea how to get downtown. It took him until well past sunrise to get back to his vehicle. In sadness, he drove away with no intentions of looking back.

Though, his dream girl did text him by the time he made it to the coast and explained that she had no idea what her sister was talking about and invited him to go see her again. This time, under the pretense of friendship, not dating. Yeah, Larry, you should of stayed at the Coast.

He did meet her a second time. The day went quite well. They seemed to be very compatible people. Day became night and they shared drinks at the bar. Larry could not take his attention away from her. At one point, however, she received a text and got up to "go over to the dance floor". Larry wasn't sure if it was an invitation or not, so he waited a bit before going over to the dance floor to look for her. The woman could not be found. Larry spent an hour looking for her, even waiting by the restroom to see if she had gone in there. What happened to her? Is she okay?? Is she dead in an alley? These are all thoughts that crossed his mind as he texted her without any kind of reply. This is where shit gets really bad.

No response after an hour, so, out of depression, he ordered more beer. He drank his self into oblivion until he thought it was best to return to his vehicle to sleep. He tried to leave the bar with his beer but the bouncer stopped him right in front of a huge crowd that seemed like a huge wall of couples mocking him. Being desperately tired of being alone, and seeing all of the happy couples in front of him, mocking him, he snapped and threw the bottle onto the sidewalk. Of course, this filled the bouncer with enough contempt to call the Police. As Larry walked down the street, yelling at random couples and spewing truths about the fakeness of modern love, he found what appeared to be a fishing pole attached to a fire hydrant. Not wanting to hurt anyone, he strangled the thing to vent his frustrations just as 5 Officers appeared a half block away. In a blackout, rage-fueled stupor, he ran down the street and was tackled then beaten in front of his van as his pitbull watched from the passenger window. They threw his bleeding vessel into the drunk tank and just let him bleed out into a drain. #justiceforall

He bailed his self out the next morning but, apparently his mom decided to contact his "date" via Facebook to come checkup on Larry. She did show up, with some mysterious male Larry had not met before. She wished him well but, was unapologetic about what happened and cared not to explain why she just suddenly left. Knowing "it was all over" Larry crawled into his van to find his dog, guitar, and backpack full of artwork were missing. The Cops had "no idea" what happened to his pitbull. He drove to Portland to join a reggae band and swore off women for good.

The woman remained his long distance friend for some time. She found someone and had kids with him. Larry knew this meant he would have to move on and let her go. Not an easy task, as his time with the Reggae band resulted in, what else? Rejection. Getting the pattern here? He did get laid once with a floozy that was living in the band's home who owed them a shit ton of money. There is more than one way to pay, folks. However, she became pregnant and claimed the kid was his. He offered a DNA test, which she refused by magically vanishing off the face of the Earth. When the band broke up, he sold all of his instruments and became homeless for the first time.

A female friend of the band offered to let Larry stay in her home to get back on his feet, which he accepted. She was sort of a big lady that Larry really wasn't attracted to but, she insisted that they should get together. Figuring this was his last chance at an actual relationship, he went with it anyway. He figured an unattractive woman might actually give a shit about her man. Turns out, he was dead wrong.

She abused him, enslaved him, then confusingly kept pushing him onto other women. It was the most confusing situation ever. She was paying him money to watch her kids while she worked but, was never happy no matter what Larry did. He sacrificed everything for this woman but, in the end, she didn't want him, I guess? She lied to a friend and claimed that Larry threw a huge rock at her head. That friend went ballistic and broke Larry's leg. This led to his exile from the Pacific Northwest, as everyone beLIEved her story. He went to stay with his mom in Idaho just as he was on the verge of becoming successful in the art world in Portland, OR. Seeing a pattern yet?

During his stay with his mom, between 2015 and 2017, he dated an unattractive woman for a couple weeks. He was good to her and her kids, cooking them healthy, delicious food and teaching them things about technology and how the world works. However, she broke up with him suddenly, for the reason that, "you don't own a car, I am tired of driving 10 minutes to go see you." That was probably not the truth. The truth is most likely she was jealous her kids were falling in love with the potential father they could of had, instead of paying attention to her. Well, yeah, that should of been the "straw that broke the camel's back" but, there is one more story to go.... You haven't learned yet, Larry, have you?

Why Pretend to Like Someone?

Remember that "Soulmate", mentioned before? Well, turns out her dude cheated on her and left her living with her mom and 3 kids. Larry was still a good long distance friend at this point and the event did bring him sadness. He had never wished such a thing upon her, even though she had technically wronged him in the past. On Valentine's Day, 2017, she sent him a digital Valentine which reawakened his love of her. He figured since she had been "burned" herself and not as attractive as before, he would finally have a chance with her. Want me to spoil the story? Because, I really shouldn't have to, right? If things worked out, Larry would not be allowing me to post this article, right? Wanna know what happened?

Well, he doesn't know what happened. On the eve of his departure to be reunited with her, she mysteriously asked him to not text her again, even though things seemed to be going good. She claimed that, "you don't want me, I have 3 kids and I am a whore". A whore? Really? Mr. Dreamtree has no evidence for that, for had she been a whore, he might of gotten laid with the one woman he actually wanted. After that, she disappeared from all of existence. No more online profiles, nothing. What actually happened, he will never know. Maybe rightfully so? Maybe that woman got her "come uppin's" for a lifetime of lies and manipulation? Yeah, whatever, to be honest, he still loves and misses her. As stupid as that sounds...yeah, it is stupid. Certainly, the kids play a role in that emotion as well. Can't blame them, can we?

Remember pregnant woman? Well, she makes another magnificent appearance. This time, in the form of "I want child support!" even though Larry proved the child wasn't his, a loophole in Washington law allows a woman to collect Child Support from any man who was interested in being the child's father if the real father is never found. Larry still fights this battle to this day and hasn't won. There seems to be no breaks for males in today's world.

Since then, Larry has been "Red Pilled" and has all but avoided women. While homeless, 3 women propositioned him. Since nothing but "red flags" came out of their mouths during conversation, he rejected them. Which is something men probably should start doing. There is no love, there are no soulmates. Unless you have a good body, make good money, and know how to be a "dick" to a woman without being put into prison for abuse, you haven't a chance in hell. She isn't your woman, it is just your turn....that is the best case scenario.

To The Future

At least Larry isn't alone, as he started following various MGTOW channels on Youtube and have found these incidents are so commonplace, that is is ridiculous. These videos confirm Larry's lifetime of observing what humans call, "love". Most women are just whores who want to get by fucking guys and having them pay for their material addictions. Best to avoid them, which is what Larry intends to do and what you should be doing if you are male. Hump em' and dump em', like they do to you. Don't romanticize them or put them on a pedestal, as they haven't earned it. If they want love, they will demonstrate true love to you. They will stick with you even if you lose your job, your home, or whatever it is you hold dear if they truly love you. Sad to say, they give up at the drop of a hat. Don't believe me? Quit your job today and go flip burgers at McFuckald's. It will be all like, "Poof! She's gone!"

So much for love and soulmates huh? Again, if you don't see it yourself, take the "pepsi challenge" outlined above, if you dare. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!! Hopefully an asteroid hits us all soon, so that this dimension of dipshittery comes to an end.

Much Love? Uh.... I really need to quit ending my posts with that phrase. God told Larry to "love people" and it has resulted in nothing but abuse and at best, getting laid once every 3-5 years. Better off masturbating.... I suppose? Yeah. Much better off just masturbating.

Much Love. Not.

Lucy Sage Dreamtree

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Um, yeah, this is the "Valentine" sent to Larry by his "Soulmate". Figured it might be an eye-catcher for this post. In the stone age, a simple meal would of sufficed as an equivalent gesture. Please note the halo on her head, indicating she is some sort of angel?????? Come on, Larry, you can do better than her. Oh wait, they are all the same. #thereisnosuchthingaslove #mgtow

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Some music for you that is relevant to this post. Larry's love life inspired him to write this music.