Did They Change Discord?

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Now that Larry and I have the interwebs going, we decided to get back onto Discord only to find all of our friends have magically vanished into thin air. We can't find anybody and we are asked for some 4 digit ID number in order to find them? Uh... it wasn't that way before we became homeless. Discord wasn't that big of a pain to use.

Speaking of which, if it is such a pain to use, then, why do we use it? If you have to get that 4 digit code by asking a fellow Steemian for it in a comment, then, why not just communicate here? Why do we need 12 different ways to communicate, for eff's sake? Why isn't anyone else angry about this? Why didn't we all rebel when they created "Resource Credits" which limited our ability to communicate with this platform? All we had to do was stop posting until Steem was worthless, making those responsible take a hit where it counts. They probably would of changed it back in an instant to protect their investments.

Yeah, but, whatever. Why complain? Why rebel? Just let the elite win and have their way for making the Earth and everything on it the ultimate prison cell. Why do anything when it is easier to fling yourself off of a cliff?

In addition, nearly every website is this way these days. It is nearly impossible to get issues resolved with Youtube, Facebook, Craigslist or any other site. It is all automated. You can't email anyone. Any email gets an automated reply that doesn't help. You can't reply to those emails, either. It is like they don't want to fix things. Half the time, they want you to pick your issue from a list of issues and 90% of the time, the issue you are experiencing doesn't exist on their magical effing list of issues. How convenient.

Yeah, just a rant because I can recall a day when everything was simple. If you had an issue with a company, you could call them and they would bend over backwards to resolve your issue and keep you as a customer. Those days died at the turn of the millenium.

We are all doomed. Enjoy that. Maybe our doom will be easy going and we will all simply be smashed into oblivion by an asteroid or some shit.

09 Truster Kundalini Falling (Woman Over Run by Snakes).jpg

Painting by Mr. Dreamtree. Yeah, just wanted an image to go with the post.

Much Love?

Lucy Sage Dreamtree

Yeah, not bothering sharing the link to our website. No amount of posting art has generated a sale. Go figure. At least Larry and I have an excuse to not buy art. We have no place to put it because we cannot afford a place. Shit, we can barely afford to eat and pay for internet. Yeah, you go, selfish Capitalism. It is a cancer that has reached a terminal status.

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