ULOG 2: Just Rambling Along Doing My Thing

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Has only taken me three days to get around to my second Ulog. I’ve started to write this a few times and each time I found myself distracted by something else.

Reminds me of that prayer “dear lord please help me to — OOOh Look at the bird! — be more focused”. Best of intentions, execution can be a bit off.

So the other night the blockchain came to a crashing halt. Well, maybe not crashing but it did what it was supposed to do in that it encountered a transaction it didn’t know how to deal with and it just brought everything to a halt. That safeguarded all of our data and our wallets.

Within hours the devs had a fix and the witnesses went without sleep getting the fix applied and the system back up and running. It’s great to know that dedication is there to keeping things running. Nice work folks.

The price of Steem has shown signs of recovery the last few days. If you check out the other cryptos and in particular Bitcoin, they also are showing signs of rallying from the bear market that has been happening the last several weeks.

The Rambling Radio station has been coming together over the last couple of weeks. In addition to @artemisnorth’s Creatives Coffee Hour and Pimp Your Post Thursday, two more shows have been added to the lineup. The Curation Corner hosted by @artemisnorth and I debuted this past Tuesday. Yesterday @crazybgadventure did a trial run of his show The Steem Adventure.

There is another show which just needs to decide on their time slot and yet anther the host is mulling over options on. So, could be interesting times ahead.

Speaking of new shows, @snook has debuted her new podcast “Pants Are Optional”. If the first episode is any indication, this is going to be a fun series and one we’ll be waiting for each episode of. I hope she’s going to consider entering them in @comedyopenmic.

I see that Banfield has decided to disable his witness and move on to something else. Can’t say I’m sorry to see him go. Never saw him as someone who was an asset to this community.

There are some amazing people on this platform. There really is. They range from the people who are really good people I consider to be a friend to people who do amazing things for the platform.

Sadly, like most communities, there is a dark underbelly. People with questionable morals to say the least and those who are criminal in their behaviour. Recently one individual who I’ve experienced and been aware of his misogynistic behaviour for some time has been revealed to not only confine his disgusting behaviour to adult women, he also terrorizes young teen women.

Guys like that have no place on this platform. They get away with their behaviour because they are not named. People talk about them but rarely publicly name them. It’s way past time for you to leave @walden.

The heat wave which arrived with Canada Day has continued. Still under an extreme heat warning which means that people like me with potential breathing issues need to limit their time out in the weather.

I will need to go out on Friday for a few hours but hopefully the air is working at the branch. We have a dinner on and I’ll be working the door. The forecast is not indicating any relief from the heat in the near future.

In closing I’m going to shameless swipe (temporarily) @bluefinstudio’s tagline he uses on his posts. It seems so fitting with the comments I just made about people on this platform:

Do Good. Be Good! DON'T BE AN ASS

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Until Next Time — Just Steem on

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NICE post, great sentiment and WONDERFUL tagline!!!

I'm so ready for the continued GTFO attitude towards the misogynistic/abusive types. I love that you addressed it so very clearly.

IU did great with my Ulog for the first 8 days... then it took me a couple of weeks to get to #9 and now I'm falling behind again. But it's okay. I still post pretty much every day, it's just not always "ulog" type material.

Great post!

Do Good. Be Good! DON'T BE AN ASS
That is quite a quote ;-)

caught my eye ... not to be confused with got into my eye :)

It feels like that moment Harvey Weinstein finally got his....enough is enough ..nice post and love that "don't be an ass" line :)

should be everyone's motto i think ... but then if i did that i'd need to not be one LOL

This was quite a ramble! Most people's ramblings are not this well organized or well thought out! This has to be the most precise Ulog I've seen as far as grammar is concerned.

I was wondering what Walden's deal was. That was a sad and awkward time for Steemit for sure.

We have had clear skies in Las Vegas and the air has been extremely easy to breathe. Last year it was really bad, we had a thin cloud layer trapping all the pollution here in this town we call a valley.

Im glad you're doing @ulogs! Have you tried using the https://ulogs.org site? Do you need a footer?

I wish your Friday be a pleasent and easy one!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I love that you're doing Ulogs. Your writing is always such fun 'cause you're honest, witty, and one smart cookie. ;) Love seeing this personal side of you. Keep doing ulogs, please.

Oh the smartass self has a place at times ... i usually try to avoid subjecting people to it :)

Hi Shadowspub - fab post - I like your Ulog style!

I just wanted to say thank you for being one of the amazing people. I'm so glad I was pointed in your direction in my first week :) I'm loving what's happening on Rambling Radio at the moment, and really excited to tune in more over the coming weeks.

Take care of yourself out in the heat. Happy Friday. E x

Be Good. Do Good

Don't Be An Ass!

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