Ulog # 8: Family First| Welcoming My Brother Home

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Magandang Buhay Uloggers and Steemians.. It's a wonderful Day and its always a great time to spend it with Family and love ones.

Today I am spending my time with my kids nd my Mom and my brother who was away for 8 months for he work as a chef in a Cargo ship. Every time he comes home as much as possible we make time for each other. We don't get to be each other so when one comes home we bond and do the usual things. Today we are gonna eat out in a well visited place in Pardo Talisay.


Here's a panoramic view of the place. Tambayan sa Pardo Park place is a food park long the road of Pardo Talisay. They open at around 5 pm, they have various of food from grilled to seafood. On weekends they also have live bands to entertain their costumers.


Since we went their by car it was very accessible because they have a big parking space. And the food park is actually very spacious in the inside. What thrilled me the most was the options of food. Each food stall have a lot to offer, from budget meals to Barkada meals.

Here are some of the food that caught my attention when I was at the place. I saw there were a lot of people. Most of them went their by group, family, friends and couples. It's a great place to chill and have a beer from a tiring week of work.



It's eating time, this boodle fight is worth 1,499 which is good for 5-6 person. It has lots of seafood, shrimps, crabs, squid. It has pork barbeque and grilled sausage. I was starving so I'm not gonna deny that I'm gonna eat a lot today. Yey seafoodgasm, the taste of the food was perfect.


Tornado just passed and the food disappeared in seconds.😂 Well it's undeniable that the food was delicious. You can see the evidence that we only have a little left overs. As the time goes there are more people coming. We had so much fun being with each other and we had great food.

Time spent with family is still the best and should always be treasured. Spend as much time with your family specially with your parents.


Thank You Steemians Salamat Uloggers!!


que bonita family eso es lo mas lindo compartir con ellos

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