#Ulog: Qatar life Day 4: "Doha Festival City"

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Hello steemit friend,
Hope you have a wonderful day today :)

Im so happy for the new project of sir terry called Ulog where you can be a celebrity by your own version of yourself .One of my dreams is become a Celebrity blogger but thats imposible because im not professional and im not good in grammar 😂 but with #ulog its posible all you have to do is be yourself and enjoy writing with a heart . Like sir @surpassinggoogle said, we all have something to offer just believe in youself and show what you got 😎.Oh yeah !!!

Me , im a simple mommy blogger who loves to take picture of beautiful things , like moments with my family , beautiful flowers, nature, sunrise, and etc...I also love music and singing is my passion if you are one of my followers im sure you know that hehe!!!


Its my 4th day here in doha.Finally, Im well rested and im excited explore the city.

"The logo of Festival City Doha"


That's the main entrance of the mall proudly and respectedly showing their president Tanim bin Hamad Al Thani Anywhere here in the city you will see the poster of their president.


Look at those flowers their all beautiful perfect gifts to your love ones.


HURRY UP!!! Victoria secret is on sale 50% in all item if you are in qatar visit festival city they are still on sale.


We had a great time today :)and ofcourse being with your loves is happiest feeling ever....


That's it guys!Thanks for viewing and appreciating my blog !
Follow me for more of my future post .



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Thanks for sharing this. I will also love to visit Qatar someday. I must say that you are not a bad writer as you thought.

Thank you for appreciating @babazak your so kind :)

Love to see that you are enjoying your Ulog and it's really a good project by @surpassinggoogle and it's also helping to those who don't want to write lengthy informative articles here 😅 you can also try doing some Blogging on DTube because i tried it today and it was really fun.

Thanks for dropping by friend @thecrytotrader lets chat sometimes and teach me how to use dtube.

Sure it would be my pleasure dear 😇

Ate pabango lang masaya na ako from victoria secret😂
Enjoy your vacation

Haha yon lang pala eh.wish granted

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