Ulog# :Happy Mom's to all the beautiful ladies around the world

in #ulog4 years ago (edited)


“Life does not come with a manual, rather, it comes with a mother.

Sometimes God cannot be everywhere, thus He made mothers.

A mother is someone who does small things with great love, where she holds her children’s little hands for a while, but stays in their hearts forever.

Let us thank them for showing us that it is not how much we give, but how much love we put into the giving.

For it is not the quantity of years we count in our lives, but the quality of life we live in our years.

May we constantly realize that the most precious jewels we will ever wear around our necks are the loving embrace of our mothers.”

Good morning and
a Blessed Mother’s Day!



You 2 Happy mothers day, enjoy your day there!

Thank you markush :)

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