ulog# 12: A night full of Carbs 😂.

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I forgot my diet because of this food.I miss eating streetfood that why I forgive myself tonight huhu 😂.We are in b&b grillthis resto is trending here in angeles because of their super ever delicious barbeque and other ihaw-ihaw parts like isaw,betamax etc..


All of filipino foods are also available here in this resto.Many people keep coming back here even foreigners. Because aside from delicious its also very affordable .Each menu can serve 2 to 3 person👌 im sure you will go home with full and happy tummy 😂.

Their place is also perfect for family and barkada's who wants to hangout at night they serve beers and other liquor .I love this place because the sounds is not just loud like you are in a disco so if you are groupy you can still hear each other.
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We will definitely go back here again and make some more memories.So guys ,if you are going to angeles pampanga try to visit bnb grill Richthofen Street, Barangay Malabanias angeles pampanga.I highly recommend this place .

That's for my ulog for today guys, I hope you enjoyed reading my post.Until my next ulog.
Thank you so much!!!


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A handfull of rice at night is a bad diet, I am no expert but rice is good for breakfast and lunch.

Yah very true..so I need to burn all the carbs that ive eaten last nyt hehe..I started my day drinking detox that I made and later I will do some workout 😁

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