Ulog # 8 Barbacoa Light. Do you want to get away from the diet, but do not you want to feel guilty? Join me and you will see how to do it.

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Ulog # 8 Barbacoa Light. Do you want to get away from the diet, but do not you want to feel guilty? Join me and you will see how to do it.

For those who care for the diet either for health or beauty, I will give a couple of options, to give you that pleasure, but without exceeding a lot of calories.

  • Barbecue of lean meats, with vegetables and salad. *

Lean Beef
Chicken Milanese
Basic Dressing Smoothie
Salt to taste
Vegetables of your preference

First we proceed to season with salt and in a source to give it a more provocative flavor and aroma, add a basic liquefied coriander, onion, sweet pepper and garlic, you should only use a small portion of each of these to taste, idea is to flavor and aromatize the meats, then place it covered to be macerated a little while you are preparing the other contours.

I chose salad and cooked vegetables; So while I put a pot with water to boil, I started making the salad, everything is very simple check what you have in your fridge and use what you like the most and try to prepare it as healthy as possible; I proceeded to do my -)

Fresh Vegetable Salad:
Cut tomatoes, cucumber, onion and lettuce into small cuts and mix them to get a nice and delicious salad.

Choose a vegetable of your preference, peel and put to parboiled, in this case I chose the Chinese ocumo, which is very delicious to accompany the barbecue, being ready to reserve it in a container with lid to preserve its heat.

In my house the one that has a more careful diet is me, so for my husband add a few rolls of white corn flour and in the barbecue I incorporate black pudding, which is a delight but I have not allowed it for now.

Since I'm not going to eat blood sausage or meat, so I prepared a delicious mango juice and served with strawberry, I must say that it was so delicious that I did not miss the other components of the barbecue, but I gave myself an additional taste, placing a little of guasacaca.

While I cooked the vegetables and the salad, I put the meats on the grill and so when everything was ready and still hot, I could serve these delicious dishes, accompanied with a very tasty guasacaca to be made in various ways, if you want the options of guasacaca to be made, then do not hesitate to ask how to make it delicious low calorie I have several options and normal, but all delicious

I hope you have enjoyed this preparation, that it is useful for you and they tell me how they are doing when they prepare yours, see you soon. #ulog #uloghugot #ulogs.org

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