ULOG: 26 "The Potential Use of Solar Panels Still Large Roofs"

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The application of roof solar panels in Indonesia has long been discourse. However, so far the community has not understood the roof solar panels. For this reason, the government is making rules regarding this matter.

Business Director of TNS Astiti Suhirman said, based on a survey conducted by his party of 500 respondents, 53% of the public had heard the roof solar panel through mass media. But most of them are middle to upper class society.

Astiti added, while the rest and most of the general public had never heard of a roof solar panel at all.

And from those who have heard about the roof solar panels, he continued, generally said they did not feel they should have. The reason is, people assume the installation of roof solar panels requires a lot of cost or expensive. In addition, they are pessimistic about the security of the technology.

"So the knowledge program about roof solar panels is still lacking. So, most people think that roof solar panels are expensive and not sure of the strength of the technology," he said at Double Tree Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/10/2018).

Indeed, the price of a rooftop solar panel and its installation is Rp. 15 million per kilowatt peak (kWp), thus shrinking most people to buy. Only 20% of respondents who know the roof solar panels that buy one of these new and renewable energy.

Indeed, said Astiti, the use of rooftop solar panels can reduce electricity costs. Because the electricity produced is free, sourced from sunlight. This can reduce the burden on electricity bills and can return capital for 10 years. Even more with the benefits that are environmentally friendly.

"So, the potential of rooftop solar panels is still large in Indonesia. Especially if the government makes a policy about this. With the support of the government, the public is more confident in the function of the rooftop solar panels," he said.

And if supported by the provision of incentives for companies producing roof solar panels, it will increase the use of new and renewable energy in Indonesia.

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