ULOG: 25 "Kusuka Card Simplifies Fishermen and Fish Marketers with Capital Loans"

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The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries develops Business Actors Card (Kusuka) in the field of marine and fisheries.

The card contains personal data of fisheries business actors ranging from fishermen, fish cultivators, to fish marketers. The card was made so that businesses could more easily get business capital from banks.

"Instead of debt to moneylenders whose interest can be 200 percent, with KUSUKA they can get loans with lower interest rates," said KKP Secretary General Nilanto Perbowo in his office on Monday (10/08/2018).

In addition to containing the data of the business actor as contained in the Identity Card, the Kusuka card also contains the type of business carried out by the card owner to the extent of the business scale they run.

Even by scanning the QR code on the front of the card, you can find the cashflow of the card holder. This makes it easier for businesses to get credit from banks because their profiles are clearly read on one card.

"If the Kusuka card is already running, we hope that the banking industry will check enough that there is a deposit of fishermen who apply for credit. No need to be seen in a vessel, just read it, scanned the card," said Nilanto.

Once scanned, you will see how much the weekly, monthly and even annual turnover of the business actor.

"This is more than enough for banks to withdraw financing proposals for additional business capital for fishermen," he continued.

Meanwhile, BNI's Consumer Product Management AVP Andi Setianto Rosandi said the Kusuka card was a tool to update the database of business actors. The cards that are accessed are not only banking accounts, but also one data managed by the CTF.

The card also encouraged the efforts of Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority to develop
cahsless society.

"The hope is that the community, especially fisheries entrepreneurs will be more literate in banking so that all transactions are not only centralized in the city, but also to the shore," Andi said.

Business actors can use their Kusuka card at all BNI ATMs. In fact, the card has also been integrated with Himbara, Prima, and Link bank ATMs. For transactions at BNI ATMs, they are not charged at all. If the area does not have a BNI ATM, then business actors can access through agent 46 which is an extension of BNI in remote areas.

"By only depositing Rp. 20,000, the account can be directly activated," said Andi.

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