ULOG: 24 "Bank Mandiri Credit Card Transactions Are Increased"

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Img source : republika.co.id

PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (Persero) noted that credit card transactions increased when the number of credit card holders as of August had reached more than 2 million. Bank Mandiri's Retail Banking Director, Donsuwan Simatupang, explained that of the two million credit card transaction card holders as of January to August 2018 reached Rp24 trillion.

"Now it should be quite high above 10%, my feeling. Because we have quite a lot of projects that we pay for. My anticipation is above 10 and must be above 10," said Donsuwan Simatupang in Jakarta, Friday (5/10).

Furthermore, he explained that the volume of credit card transactions increased due to financing for travel reaching approximately 20%. Moreover, sales volume to finance customer travel increased 25%.

"The general public who have not become Bank Mandiri customers, are also given the convenience to submit Mandiri Credit Card applications and open a Bank Mandiri Savings account during the event," he explained.

Not only that, Mandiri's participation and support in the phase I and II GATF 2018 events in the city of Jakarta was packaged in a series of promo programs to meet the travel needs of the community and Bank Mandiri card holders which reached around 19 million (debit and credit). Mandiri Debit and Mandiri Credit Card holders are entitled to various attractive offers for transactions during GATF 2018.

"Such as Cashback up to Rp. 2 Million, 0% Installments up to 12 months and additional discounts up to 50% up to Rp. 2 Million by exchanging fiestapoin. Especially for Mandiri Garuda debit card holders also get an additional cashback of Rp. 200 thousand, and 6x GarudaMiles bonus, "he explained.

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