ULOG: 21 "Capital Seeking Marriage, A Loving Pair in Palembang Robbery Travel Driver"

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A pair of lovers, Rossi (20) his lover who is still a desperate child robbed a travel driver in Palembang. Both claim to rob for the sake of seeking marriage capital.

"We plan not to rob this driver, but because they need a fee. I was invited to rob. He said the travel driver had got a lot of money," said the child when met at the Sukarami police station, Palembang, Monday (1/10/2018).

Said the child, he departed from the Baturaja area, OKU with his girlfriend, Rossi Sunday (30/9) afternoon. Both have plans to go to Lampung, but stop in Palembang to see you and ask for your blessing.

Arriving at Jalan Perindustian, Palembang, at around 7:30 a.m., the residents of Dayang 5 Kertapatih arose intentions of robbery. Both of them took the chain, the key in the car. They immediately hit the head of the travel driver.

"I was invited by Rossi, he said, it was quite good to increase the cost of marriage. Moreover, there was no food money at the same cost as Lampung. I helped to hit the head using the key," the young girl continued to look down.

Knowing that he was robbed, the driver slammed the steering wheel and caused the car to enter the ditch. Residents who saw immediately helped. While the two perpetrators were arrested when they wanted to escape.

While the Sukarami police chief, Kompol Rivanda said the two perpetrators had now been secured in Mapolsek. According to his statement, they were determined to rob because they were looking for marriage capital.

"They are currently dating and there are intentions to get married. But that, they are still looking for money for capital. He said so (robbing for marriage capital)," Rivanda said.

"Regarding whether the reasons are right or not later, we first check them and are now in the process. If the victims are still being treated, the head of the wound is hit by a blunt object," he concluded.

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