ULOG: 17 "Sun Bear Affected by Snares in Riau Successfully Rescued"

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A sun bear (helarctos malayanus) is trapped in a wild trap in the Bukit Kerikil Village of the Giam Siak Kecil Wildlife Sanctuary in Bengkalis Riau. Luckily, this bear was immediately known to the people and was saved.

"Initially our team received reports from residents of bears who were entangled in the vicinity of their fields," said Head of the Riau Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA), Suharyono told AFP on Tuesday (9/18/2018).

Haryono explained, information was obtained on September 16, 2018. Riau's BBKSDA team immediately plunged into the location to see the condition of the bears that were hit by the snares installed by the residents.

"Arriving at the location is really a teenage bear who is ensnared. The teenage bear is accompanied by an adult bear whose size is much larger. It is estimated that the big bear is the mother of the trapped," said Haryono.

Only then, said Haryono, the team did not immediately save the bear. This remembers the conditions that have begun at night. So it was decided the next day, Monday (17/9).

"Our team is assisted by the surrounding community to save the bear who is trapped by a snare. After opening the trap, the bear was released immediately at that time," said Haryono.

After rescuing, the team conducted sweeping at the location. This was done to find other traps that were put in place by irresponsible citizens.

"The team also conducted socialization to the surrounding community so as not to put snares in the location. Because, in that location many wild animals were protected," said Haryono.

"In the future the community is expected to understand the importance of saving protected animals," Haryono concluded.

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