ULOG: 16 "Seller Narcotics Killed by Police in North Aceh"

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The joint team of the Aceh Regional Police and North Aceh Regional Police shot Johansyah (31) at his Blang Bitra Village, Peureulak District, East Aceh Regency, Saturday (09/15/2018).

Previously, the man suspected of selling methamphetamine drugs was arrested at a minimarket in Medan Denai, North Sumatra, Friday (08/14/2018) night.

The Head of North Aceh Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Rezky Kholiddiansyah, said that the suspect was killed in the care of officers at the Lhoksukon Health Center, North Aceh District.

Previously, the man who was allegedly involved in the shooting case of a house belonging to Ahmad Budiman (70) in Geumata Village, Lhoksukon District, North Aceh Regency, had escaped when raided at his house last month.

In fact, this man was fighting so there was a shootout with officers.

"We confiscated a Honda Jazz car with a BL 1578 QZ police number, an AK 56 firearm, 12 ammunition, one magazine, one wallet, one kitchen knife and Johansyah's KTP," Rezky explained.

He explained, after being arrested in Medan, the suspect was later questioned regarding the existence of AK 56's long-barreled firearms which he had once used to shoot Ahmad Budiman's house. Interrogation was carried out at the Percut Sei Tuan Police Station, Medan.

"The weapon was used by O (Ahmad Budiman's house shooter). But it belongs to Johansyah. He claimed that weapons were stored at his mother's house in Peureulak, East Aceh, until the police took him to Peureulak. "Arriving in Peureulak, the weapon was found under a pile of rice," Rezky explained.

The same thing was mentioned by the Head of the Aceh Regional Police Sub-District Head, Kompol Suwalto. After the AK 56 weapon was found, Johansyah also claimed to have an FN type pistol that was stored at the suspect's house.

"We bring it to his house. At that moment, he tried to escape through the window. Even one hand was removed from the plastic handcuffs. So the police were forced to shoot him, exposed to the waist, "he explained.

After that, the police then took Johansyah's body to the Lhoksukon Health Center, North Aceh, then autopsied at the Cut Meutia General Hospital, North Aceh.

"Her body tonight was also sent home to her family," concluded Commissioner Suwalto.

Johansyah's alleged plot was allegedly shot at Ahmad Budiman's house in Lhoksukon, North Aceh, on April 13, 2018.

The shooting of the house was related to drug debts in the form of methamphetamine between UA, Ahmad Budiman's son, and Johansyah. In this case, UA was detained by the police along with other suspects, WA and FA.

All the conspiracy of shooting the house totaled 3 people. Two of them were arrested and one person was killed, Johansyah himself. While the UA was arrested because he was involved in a drug business with Johansyah.

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