ULOG: 15 "A Man in Kebayoran Baru Killed in a Way to Hang hisself in the Bathroom"

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Img source : albawaba.com

The man named Rifva Nexchil (24) was found dead hanging in a wooden bathroom in a house on Kweni Street, North Gandaria, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The victim allegedly committed suicide.

"There are no signs of violence or abuse on the victim's body," Head of South Jakarta Metro Police Public Relations Sub-Department Suharyono said in a statement to reporters on Friday (9/14/2018).

The victim's body was found at 08.00 WIB in the morning. Starting when the homeowner, Candra Yonas came to his house and found his house locked from inside.

"The witness asked for the key to the house as he was unable to enter the house," he said.

It is known that there are victims inside the house. Previously, the victim did stay at the witness's house.

"The victim spent the night there for 2 days, because at his new workplace in Radio Dalam," he said.

Because there was no answer from the victim, the witness then entered through the alley where the victim was. The entrance there was also locked, so he finally broke it.

"After the door opened, the witness found the victim hanging on the bathroom using a purple sarong tied to the bathroom, then wrapped around the victim's neck," he said.

The findings of the victim's body were later reported to the police. The police came to the location and conducted crime scene and evacuated the victims.

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