ULOG: 13 "Not Having a Passport and Permit, Ukrainian Citizens Can Manage Hotels in Bali"

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The Denpasar Immigration Office together with the Klungkung Family, Kesbangpol, the Tourism Office, Disdukcapil and Klungkung District Police held a inspection on Monday (09/10/2018) morning. The inspection was carried out to a number of inns in the Banjar Griya Tengah area and Banjar Sampalan Batu Nunggul village.

From this inspection the officers secured a Ukrainian citizen, Andriets Artem. The man who is the manager of the inn in Banjar Griya Tengah cannot show any documents. Includes physical proof of his passport.

"There is one person that we secure because we cannot show immigration documents. Even though he has a business here," said the Head of Immigration Control and Enforcement of the Denpasar Immigration Office, Yoga Arya Prakoso told reporters on the sidelines.

According to Yoga, this foreign national has rented accommodation to local residents in Nusa Penida. Furthermore, the accommodation is rented again.

"The problem is that there is no document (immigration). The passport is also said to be still an extension and managed by an agent," he continued.

While Ida Bagus Made Suandita, Head of the Immigration Supervision Office at the Denpasar Immigration Office, added that for the purposes of the examination, Andriets was then taken to the Denpasar Immigration Office.

"Furthermore, we are still waiting for the results of the examination. What next actions will depend on the results of the examination," he explained.

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