ULOG: 10 "Hit the Stall, Woman Car Driver Claims Her Stomach to Be Gunned by Members of Brimob"

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Claiming to panic due to his stomach being mugged with a gun, Marisa (25), could not control the Honda CRV car that was driven, so it hit a stall on Jalan Bangau, District Ilir Timur II, Palembang, South Sumatra, on Thursday (08/30/2018).

Marissa the driver of the white Honda CRV car with a B18 1818 MM number plate claimed to have been mugged using a firearm by a member of the Mobile Brigade initials AF when driving a car.

Because of the threat, Merissa then lost control and hit three stalls on Jalan Bangau.

Reported by Tribun Video from journalist, South Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Zulkarnain, when

According to him, firearms owned by the First Brigadier AF were withdrawn.

"They are one car. Indeed, the information from the women was pointed at the police, from the version of the Mobile Brigade because it was assaulted. However, this incident is still under investigation," said Zulkarnain.

Meanwhile, according to Merissa's attorney, Beni Murdani, the incident began when his client and AF met at a nightclub on Jalan R Sukamto, Palembang.

At that time Merissa was in the car with her friend Reni (25).

Then while in the parking lot and going home, AF came to knock on the windshield and went straight into the car.

"Because it has long been known, the victim opened the door and the First Brigadier AF immediately entered. In the car both of them were involved in bickering," Beni said on Sunday (09/09/2018).

While Reni sat behind listening to the two quarreling.

The bickering that occurred between the two was allegedly triggered by a romance problem.

Beni explained, the Brigadier AF was said to still want Merissa, who currently has a husband.

Then the Brigadier General was emotionally emotional and pointed a gun and threatened to shoot the victim towards the stomach.

Because of the threat, Merissa, who was driving, immediately lost control and hit three stalls on the side of the road until it collapsed.

"The victim who was driving a car was scared. Then was out of control and hit three stalls. Merissa and Reni suffered serious injuries and were still hospitalized," Beni said.

Meanwhile, Inspector General Zulkarnain added that if it was proven that the Brigadier AF had violated it, it would be subject to a criminal act for threats and sanctioned by the police code of ethics.

"Of course we will investigate first, if there is guilt there will certainly be sanctions. We have not asked for information from the women because they are still being treated," he explained.

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