ULOG: 09 "10 Geng Motor Members Surrounded and Stab Youth 16 Years Until Death"

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Img source : jpninfo.com

16-year-old boy was killed after being hacked by a group of people who used motorbikes suspected of being motorcycle gangs on Jalan Jenderal Soepeno, North Grogol, Kebayoran Lama, Saturday (1/9/2018) early morning.

"It's true that there has been a beating that resulted in death," said Head of Public Relations of the Metro Jaya Police, Senior Commissioner Argo Yuwono in Jakarta, Sunday (09/02/2018).

Argo said, the stabbing action began when the victim rode with his colleague initials RS. The two young men initially departed on a motorbike from Bulungan, Blok M. However, when they were about to cross the Jalan Layang Permata Hijau, AH was later cited by 10 suspected members of the motorcycle gang.

"Arriving at Permata Hijau Fly Over, the victims were followed by 10 unknown people using motorbikes with a sharpen," Argo said.

From the information from the hospital, Argo said, at that time the perpetrators immediately locked the vehicle driven by the victim. Before long, AH and RS were kicked by the perpetrators and fell to the side of the road.

The perpetrators who were allegedly the motorcycle gang immediately slashed the victim after besieging AH who was still in a state of lying after falling from his vehicle.

"Witnesses (RS) at that time could save themselves, while the victims who were still falling were immediately circled by the perpetrators and carried out hacking against the victims," ​​Argo explained.

RS, said Argo just dared to get close to the location when the perpetrators fled after satisfied attacking the victim with a sharp weapon. When assisted by his colleague, AH suffered severe injuries due to the stabbing action.

The young man was briefly rushed to Medika Permata Hijau Hospital, but when medical action was taken, his life was not helped.

Regarding the stabbing action, the police are still investigating. This case was handled by Kebayoran Lama Police.

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It's time for the police to arrest these criminals

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