ULOG: 07 "Gardwn Workers Found Dead in the Tanah Laut Regency"

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A grandfather guarding an oil palm plantation in the village of Bajuin, Tanah Laut Regency, South Kalimantan, Wednesday (08/29/2018) morning was found dead not far from the cottage where he lived.

Kakek Yazi (73), known as Grandfather Mukhsin, was found by residents lying with blood in the head around 7:00 a.m.

Before getting the victim's body, Sriatun, one of the residents whose house was about 200 meters from the victim's hut, admitted that at 5:00 a.m., he could hear the shouting, but did not dare to go to the direction of the voice because it was still dark.

"I at dawn had heard shouts from the direction of the victim's hut, but because of the darkness I did not dare to come to him," said Sriatun who claimed to be still trembling at the body of the poor grandfather.

"After a little noon, around 7:30 I ventured to go to the victim's hut and find the victim lying in front of his hut," Sriatun added.

Sriatun then informed of the incident he had seen to a neighbor who then reported to the Tanah Laut Police Precinct officers and Pelaihari police station.

Nasir, one of the residents who was also a friend of the victim, admitted that he did not believe that the grandfather who had been known to be friendly and sociable was found dead by a nuisance.

"The people are kind and not kind, the last time I met the victim yesterday afternoon, but did not have time to chat, because the victim was busy," said Nasir who was in the location until the officers evacuated the bodies of the victims.

The plan was after the post mortem in Hadji Boejasin Pelaihari Regional General Hospital, the bodies of the victims will be buried in the cemetery in the area of ​​Desa Bajuin.

Officers from the Tala Police Station and Pelaihari Police Station after carrying out the crime scene immediately evacuated the victim's body to Hadji Boejasin Pelaihari Regional General Hospital for post mortem. While the scene was given a police line. The police have not yet concluded what motive behind the death of Mukhsin's grandfather.

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