Questioning My Information

in ulog •  7 months ago

Personal story of a small piece from my morning today:

I had went to the market early this morning to get some kale for my morning green drink. I just grabbbed a bit of loose change. Once I got to the store and saw the avocado's - was like i have enough. What's the pricing here. It was going to be real I delayed on the avocado and just went with the kale.

Turns out I had just enough to get 1 avocado too.

Here's where things got interesting for me:

Immediately I was like yes - this is the one...and I picked it up and it was like the perfect combination of softness and firmness...and the, was so smooth. This point of smoothness was slightly alarming to I recognized my tendency towards always picking ones with tougher judging the smooth ones as more vulnerable and weak because they are smooth...and my thinking being like it's smooth it's probably more likely to be bruised.

I challenged my thinking in this moment. Recognizing the patter play out i've always been in kind of with picking my best avocado's. I realized I never really did any comparison....just always held onto this belief and idea. So i picked the smooth one.

When I got home and cut it open - The avocado was simply perfect. Perfect everything about it. This was reflective for me to be more welcoming to perfection and just overall great results. I've had a tendency to go into limitations within my thinking and make assumptions....

So this was just a small moment that was significant for me in challenging the comforts of my thinking.

There was a small moment of worry like "what if this doesn't work out?"...."What if this avo is fucked?". I took the risk. I was curious to see this through...challenging my avo regards.

Fresh Reminder -

Challenge your thinking and outlook.


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