Ulog weekend vibes

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Morning friend, it another weekend, hope you guys are really enjoying ur weekend, I am here enjoying myself in my friends Hostel, we are here together gisting and all stuff of loving thing. How did you spent ur weekend.what are weekend for (1)To rest - one of the purpose of weekends is to rest if you are the type that work throughout the week such as banker ,Lectural, lawyer, government worker etc weekend are special day for them to rest so as to prepare them for another week work. (2) For party -this is another purpose of weekends several people have parties during weekends where they know weekend is the only day people get chance to come to party so they fixed the party to weekend so as to enjoy themselves. (3)to engaged in many activities such as guy who engaged in football they went to field to play ball, and for the ladies went out after done with the tiding of house after that went out.and also for family they went out with there kids hang around went to nice place Like cinema, shoprite etc have a great day and weekend.sourcegirls-918753__480.jpg


Happy weekend