Ulog #3 my day was so stressful

in #ulog3 years ago

On waking up this morning, at exactly 7.30am I quickly went to take my bath. After that get prepared for 8.am class. My home to school was 15 minutes treck. On getting to school I went straight to the usual venue we used for the class. On getting there the Lectural is not yet around. Everyone was thinking maybe the class will not hold, after waiting like 40 minutes the Lectural arrived. We settled down with the hope of continuing the class from where we stop last week. The Lectural just told us we should bring out our sheets of paper that he wants to conduct test. Everybody was surprise and worried about it. We beg the man to help us shift the test to next week but he refused. He dictate the question to us, give us only 30 minutes to do it.i was not prepared but I thank God I have something to write about the question. When it exactly the time he gave us the Lectural ask us to submit the test. Everyone was lamenting but that is our Lectural we have to accept his command. After the test I went to library to read the little I can for the day. Good night have a wonderful night rest.