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I still feel down and depressed at times. Sometimes watching movies or series helps but only temporarily. Also listening to music. But i helps for a while. Better than nothing.

But lately my niece started a live rosary on Instagram. Yesterday was it's 2nd month anniversary. I am glad to have been one of the original "prayer warriors". I am religious, go to mass when I can and pray.

We used to pray the rosary in the house at night but lately has been hard because everyone is busy studying or doing household chores. So when my niece suggested it and tried I joined. At first we were 48 only but it did not stop her. Now usually more than 100 sometimes reaching 300+

It makes me feel good and at peace. I feel happy. It used to be every 7:30pm but others requested later because they are still going home. So she changed to 9:00pm/ That was when we started to have more joining in.

I liked the 7:30, I would make sure I had dinner and other things done. 9:00 is ok too but I get sleepy hahah.


I would open the live on my tablet and follow the rosary even answering. I minimize everything on the laptop so it shows my wallpaper which is the front of our church. She would also say a little meditation before the mysteries.

I am grateful she has done it. I does make you feel better.For me it is a way to cleanse all the bad that happened that day. So it makes me able to say the rosary before sleeping. I missed doing it. I admit sometimes I doze off but not the whole time.

Some of my prayer requests have been answered along with other "prayer warriors". I am grateful for my niece. Makes me feel that maybe I can be saved.


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Prayer is powerful.

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