#Ulog #6 For Week 5 and Day 5 For Positivity Challenge - Friends and More

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Today of June is the start of the rainy season I love the rainy season because it keeps my cool, I am not into the hot and dry. Makes me feel "icky". But there are some bad outcomes like floods and storms. Lots of damages. I am just lucky I live in a higher level and we still have trees and our area is not commonly hit by storms or typhoons.

I love #ulog because with it I can combine it with other challenges so there won't be too much unnecessary posting . #ulogs are about you and the #7daypositivityvhallenge is also about what you feel and do. So I can combine them.



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Today I was thinking what else could I write. Then I realized that I have so many things I am grateful for. One are my friends and High School classmates. With out them I would not have met more people and gain more friends. I would not not have met people who are like me and who understand.

Every month we have decided to hold joint birthday party of the monthly Celebrants, each with their own theme. Last February their theme was come as a kid or child. Haha I won best in costume.

My birthday month, ours was Hawaiian theme. This was also the biggest batch.

Enjoying with friend experts say can help relive the stress in people and give longer life. I love it. It is the only time I can go out, mingle with friends, eat, laugh join in games and forget all my problems, even for just a night.

Even if we are a small group we go out to enjoy. This party was rushed because one celebrant was only in the city for a few days. So it was a masquerade theme.

Last month the May group decided on a safari theme, the celebrants wore the white shirt.

We have been holding the affair in the same KTV except May, it was in another hotel but same owner. We try to take a group picture first because some leave earlier but most of the time it is not complete because there are a few late-comers. We only have 3 hours use for a certain price and sometimes we pay additional if we exceed.

I am excited for the June celebrants which will be on June 12. A new KTV bar/resto. Videoke singing and we pay a certain price usually 5500 pesos for the room good for 30+ people, there are bigger rooms for 50 - 100, of course higher price. Consumable so we order the food from them. Some bring extra food or snacks. There is usually a lechon or roasted pig. The June theme is cowboy, the celebrants will be wearing checkered blouses and they will be giving us free cowboy hats!

I am #grateful and thankful for occasions like these. I get to talk with my friends, share ideas and happening. I am thankful that the first batch January started it. I was not able to attend because I did not have time to plan and save. But now that I know there will be a monthly affair I can save for it. I know it may be expensive and some will say it is extravagant or a caprice but if it can help me, make me forget the stress and worries even just for a day, I think it is worth it. Experts or psychologists even suggest 1 night a week is recommended especially for women, but I can only afford 1 time a month. I make use of that time to bond with friends and classmates I was not close to before. That is good enough for me. A break from my boring mundane life at home lol. There I can laugh, have fun and relax. Money can be earned again but memories only happens once, so grab it and store it for later use.

So good friends are blessings and can help you get thru life easier and happier too.


The rules:
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Oh, I will try to create one.

yup you got tagged lol I know you can do it, I did even though I thought I had nothing to be thankful for!

You made a great #ULOGS ma'am,, I'll try to make my own also hehe And I hope my english will took so long😂 Just Kidding!

Thanks for sharing!

Love thw positivity challenge. It makes you more grateful of everything you have.

Ang ganda po ng group of friends niyo mam daisy 💕

High School classmates

I also love rain. Today starts the rainy season, goodbye hot weathers. Tipid kuryente na din,hehe.

Friendship really lasts!

That's a really great initiative to celebrate birthdays monthly. It would be awesome for the one closest to the date of the celebration or when it falls right on someone's birthday. It's great to surround yourself and be friends with people who uplifts you and accepts you as you are.

I like how ulog can be incorporated with some contests or challenges as well. I hope more and more contests can be like that so we don't have to make a single post out of them. The challenge lies in the tags.

you have great friends mam...heheh ganda ng bonding ninyo...❤❤

Katuwa nmn till now nkakapag get together pa kyo ng mg friends nyo...

I love your Hawaiian costume Ms. Daisy and I really agree that you should be the best in costume! :)