ULOG: #6 For Week 17 - Rainy Stormy Day

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There was nothing much to do today. We are alert for the super typhoon "Ompong" which is supposed to be in the Philippines area of responsibility. There are a lot of places that suspended classes, better to be safe than sorry. Thursday and Friday. Yesterday not much rain bu today it was not good.

The weather makes me sleepy so I just drank hot coffee - Nescafe creamy white latte while watching a movie on my laptop. I also played some games and made posts for #steemit.

I was planning to pamper myself but had to change for Sunday, hopefully the storm will have passed so I can go the the new parlor and have a facial and hair cut and perm. Been almost a year since my last facial, I need it haha. Tomorrow my mom will have her hair cut and perm, home service.

So I guess I will be sleeping early. The body of my cousin arrived late afternoon but my niece said they did not announce it yet. She wants one day just her mom and her mom's family who arrived to support them. Tomorrow I will go for a vigil or just visit. She will also announce that they will have viewing starting tomorrow. He will be buried after our fiesta on the 24th of Sept.

I do hope the weather will improve tomorrow. I don't mind really as long as I don't have anywhere to go. I love the cool winds and the smell of fresh rain. But it is hard for those who are really affected. Prayers for all those affected. Keep safe.


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Rainy day is my favourite

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September rains are here in Jamaica. Yesterday and the day before at around this same time, we were having lots of rain, lightning and thunder. Enough to affect the power supply a couple of times. Sky outside now is smooth blue with cooling sun. ;)

Hope that typhoon went it's way without causing too many problems. Enjoy your pampering on Sunday, @purpledaisy57!!! ;)

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