#ULOG #3 WEEK 27 - Soon My Mother Will Be 93

in #ulog3 years ago (edited)

Time does flies by fast. On Dec 4 my mom will be 93 years old. I was so grateful and happy when she turned 90. Now she will be 93!


I was planning a simple celebration with just us here but my brothers sent some money so I can order a nice cake and have a lunch. I will just invite my 2 close relatives and the people in the house and the boarders if any.

Her Alzheimer is sometimes bad bad but most of the time manageable. At least she can still walk, feed herself and personal hygiene, just reminders.

I do hope she will have more years. Will make a post of what we did on her birthday. Thankful my brothers sent a little extra.

I will also buy her some gifts, does not need to be expensive but she will have something to open.


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Wonderful, wish her a happy birthday from all of steem!

Thank you! I will