ULOG: #2 for Week 17 - Stressing On Planning a Menu

in ulog •  4 months ago

Ok I can cook, I can follow recipes. But the hard part of a party is planning the menu. What to cook. There is not much problem in the executing or cooking it. It is hard to plan especially if you have a limited budget.

This Sept. 22 is our town fiesta. How many years I have been the one planning and cooking. I am happy I have Jay and Teray to help me. Especially since my daughter is not here. So we divide on what each of us will cook. I am usually in the dessert department and a few dishes.

Sometimes I try to think of something different so that the guests will have something new to taste. As long as the usual Lechon or roasted pig is there, not much problems.

We have decided one dish per protein beef, pork, chicken and fish. Less dishes but in quantity because it is a week-end and I have some cousins arriving from Manila. So for sure a lot of guest, invited or not. In a fiesta even if you are not invited people welcome you to their homes to eat. Sometimes I see people I don't know and inform the people in the house, sometimes it is their guest. But we keep a watchful eye especially in the rooms and master bedroom.

So on the 12th, Wednesday I will be going to the city to buy the canned goods and ingredients and others that will not spoil. The proteins will be bought here just a few days before the fiesta. Jay and Teray will come with me so they can pick what they need. I hope my budget of 10-12 up to 13K will be enough. That also includes our monthly supplies.

Well I have a few dishes in mind and I have the macaroni fruit salad to make. Some desserts and snacks will be ordered, but besides the macaroni fruit salad I have the chicken and beef dishes to do Jay has the others and the valenciana and pancit canton. He has his brothers and father to help him while I have Teray and her 2 daughters to help me with the slicing. Oh I also have the soup the KBL - Kadios, baboy and langka to cook, my specialty (black peas, pork and unripe jack-fruit). He may have more to cook but he manages because we all start cooking a day before and Jay prepares early morning.

So I will be busy next week till the fiesta. We also have the cleaning and some repairing to do. This is every year yet I still get stressed out. Also because in October I have another big family affair.

Wish me luck! And if you are near me do come attend our town fiesta! If you have any recipe suggestions I would appreciate it.


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