#Ulog #3 for Week 6 - Yesterday's Activities

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Yesterday June 12 was the Philippines Independence Day. Since there was no class and work because of a Holiday, A lot of people went out with families and friends to bond.

I was hesitant because it has been raining on and off, but thankfully that day there was no rain maybe dark clouds but that was it.

So I went to the city with my companions, there was 3 of us because we would be going home late at night because of a party. But before going to the Mall where I buy the maintenance medicines and groceries I had to stop at another pharmacy because that was where one of my medicines are sold.


As you can see in the 2nd picture the pharmacy had an empty parking space, the problem no one can park because there was a police patrol was parked in front and blocked the way in. At first I thought there might be some trouble or inspection because I noticed that the patrol had Bacolod City at the side. That was an island away. So we had to park further up where there was also another car waiting. Well my helper had to walk back.

I was surprised after a few minutes (but according to the other driver it has been there 15 min ago when he arrived.), I saw a young policeman nonchalantly walk out the pharmacy slowly taking his time. I looked to see if he was carrying bags of medicine or what ( maybe grocery because there was also a mini grocery inside)

OMG, he was holding a bottle of mineral water taking a drink and moving so slowly. I wish I took his picture haha. Then he slowly got in (promise it was slow) the patrol and looking back he was just sitting there drinking his water. By the time he finally left, a few minutes later my companion came out with my meds and said she saw the police buying the water, even went ahead because "he was on duty" so they let him. She was 4th in line and took a while. So you can estimate his slowness.

Finally went to the mall, met with the wife of my nephew who gave me old clothes of her son because I had a few small boys at home.

I bought my medicines , we had lunch then went to the grocery. In the grocery area they have 2 plastic benches for senior and PWD. I usually sit for a while after I do my rounds and wait for my companions. I get irritated when I see young healthy men and women sitting there , legs crossed and texting or looking at their cellphones and don't bother to move unless you ask them. Sometimes they look at you with annoyance. I try to ignore even when they see me standing with my cane. Until another senior tells them to pls move.

Well later that evening we had out HS class 76 birthday celebration. I was fun. Cowboy theme and the celebrants gave out free cowboy hats.

We are never complete for picture taking so there were about 4 more people who came late or maybe 5-6.

I got home late almost 11pm then we had to sort out and put away the groceries we bought. I was so tired but I had to check the group page and do my obligations. I was so happy to see all my group-mates having good earnings but sad that none of my posts were upvoted but that is ok. That is life, some days you win and some days you lose. Seems I am losing as of now.

So now I did my #ulog but this week I will be missing 1 day so 6 instead of 7.

I still feel tired so later this afternoon I will be having a body massage and enjoy it! I think I danced too much and drank too much last night but worth it!

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I wasn't able to identify you among your cowboy and girl buddies ma'am @purpledaisy57...i guess something's wrong with my eyes already😇

I am staring at you At the end in front of the aircon wearing light blue lace poncho lol

minsan kung sino pa sa pwesto un pa abusado.

Very cute cowboy themed party. At least the day ended well despite that irritating patrol car.

Such a cute theme.

this is a cute theme... hope I can join any celebration with this theme...

Grabe naman yung police na yun. Di yata alam kung saan ang parking lot.

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