ULOG FITNESS: A Healthy Habit

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Good morning, Uloggers!

I woke up this morning feeling fresh and energetic, even without having my dose of caffeine yet.

I got up and did a quick a stretch and had my iced coffee that my partner prepared.

While drinking my coffee, I browsed a little bit on my steemit feed and left few comments on my friends posts. When I was finished my drink I started getting ready to go to the gym.

I checked my wireless headphones make sure it's got enough battery life because I hate when the music dies while am still working out. Although I didn't put it on right away because I did a quick yoga and it's not comfortable when I was have to do the breathing exercise.

Sometimes I'll do my yoga after my heavy workout but it really depends on what is feel like doing for the day at gym.

During my workout, I hate being disturbed by anyone specially when if they it have my headphones on. It's the only time that I can really focus quick. I can go on working out all day without getting tired (if I don't do the "tabata complex workout"), because it love working out and it's really weird because the more I lift weights the more I more get energized especially when I see other people working out at the gym, I get more inspired and I feel like showing to the world that I can be strong too, lol!


It's a bicep showdown!

My partner told me that the only time you build muscles is when you rest. So try to alternate my workout most of the time. I said most of the time because I love doing squats. I love working out my glutes so even if I should only be doing just upper body workout I would be a few sets of complex leg workout, it's a quick workout but no break in between for 15 minutes and that's it. I've been doing this workout for the last three years.


Next time, I'll will share with you my favorite work out. 😉

Today, I finished a 40 minute upper body workout and skipping leg day since I workout my glutes the other day.


Now, am about to jump in the pool and do a little bit of stretching. No sunblock since it's cloudy and perfect day for me to have the pool all by myself.

Hope everyone else is a having a good day and stay active as much possible. Remember, health is wealth!

Thanks for dropping by!

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Looking good! Hi to Rob.

Thanks, Mark 😊
He said hi as well. He asked how are you doing.

Wow those muscles

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All your hard work is paying off and will do even more so in the future. Dont be fooled by clouds, the UV levels can still be high so dont skip the sun block! Hope your day continues as well as it started.
Best wishes to the pair of you :-)

thanks! you're right about the UV levels. Sometimes am just lazy to put on some sunblock.

How's everything?

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So cool!! :D

Now I want to go back to the gym again and get a little fit at least.

you should ^_-

how are you doing?

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Super sexy!

The best thing about doing exercises is when you see the result, of course for this you must have patience. You look in excellent condition, congratulations.
For now I just walk, I can not do much more for medical reasons, although I would love to start practicing yoga, even at a basic level.
What is certain is that with this exercise routine you have enough energy and strength for everything you set out to do.
Happiness always.

looking sexy sis:)
very inspiring couple.
Have a lovely day sis.

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Sexaaay sexaaay <3

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Good, exercising to be fit and beautiful

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holy...your back muscles! looking forward to your workout. and of course nice biceps show you two :)

thank you! 😊

you are welcome. I had a very sporty day after reading your muscle blog.