Ulog.. A major setback

in ulog •  11 months ago

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Just 3 days ago, I posted here that I was back for good but 2 days sidelined my hopes with disrespectful reigns of rains.

I was returning from school on Friday evening when thunderbolts started hitting me in the form of raindrops. There were few kiosks and shades around but they were heavily congested so I opted to take more steps just to find a solace but none was forthcoming.

On the second hand, I had gotten a laptop from a friend to complete something and with the security level in Nigeria I had to get going..

I got home well soaked but that wasn't it! My phone was totally unusable... the screen I could only see swimming in water accummated in the rain.

Was that all? Certainly not! The laptop was also soaked.. ..

The past 2 days hasn't really been the kindest but I'm strong; yes, I know I am strong.

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