ULOG: Ulog day 15: Happy birthday to a queen and a best friend!

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She is plus 1 today, I can see every thing around her leaping for joy.
To God be d glory for been faithful to His word..by giving additional year to this paragon of beauty, epitome of character...and a daughter of Sarah!
When she sings the whole world are hold in a trolls, she is one person you can't do away with, worrisome and cool to be with...I call it sweet worry.
Best in the world, your birth has brought light to the world, may God grant you the grace and strength to uphold His purpose for your life.
In this new year of your life, race will size and grace will takeover, bitter will stop and better will continue, struggle will crash and favor will climb...the land will be green for your sake...

Happy birthday dear and many more in return.


A gift to the world, surely this is what u are to me.
Please lets wish a happy birthday to this gorgeous lady of wonders, daughter of Zion!!!.

This is secret birthday message to her;
U r endless possibilities, so explore, achieve the impossible, therefore arise and walk in God's favor. God is on ur side, remain blessed and enjoy the benefits of life. God bless you with great reward... I love u beyond words.
Happy birthday my one and only Queen... More years of fecundity, ur baby says hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurrayyyy.

My golden jewel.

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Happy birthday

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