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Hi everyone. I really don't love talking much about myself because I always end up saying my flaws hoping that is going to make me better. And yet I am here today giving a blog about myself. I am Precious by name and I am one lazy ass, I sucks at house chores and I am married to procrastination and we have our fights. Most times I give myself this proclamation of ending it all with procrastination but I just can't it's a bad relationship I am addicted to. I hope I'm able to serve procrastination a divorce later soon.
Alright let's stop talking about my flaws, let's talk about my bright side today I was able to stay focus for good five hours without checking the only gadget, I guess I am getting there. I mean I'm getting to the stage of fight off my gadget addiction. Five hours with my books really paid off. So that's the little I got to say about me but before dropping my pen I get to share with you some great news.

And can you guess what the good news is?
Well, the good news is your girl @prechyrukky is now a certified blogger. Terry came to inbox a week or more telling me about getting certified and I took the first two steps that day and two days ago the third step. I am glad to tell you I have taken the fourth and fifth step today

If you want to get certified the steps are so easy and simple and I will give them below
Step one: visit https://steemgigs.org and set up your profile.
login > click on profile-thumbnail > select ‘edit profile’ from the drop-down.

Step two: Follow all social channels listed

Step three: Send 2 STEEM to @teardrops with memo ‘one month certification’

Step four: Publish a ulog via https://ulogs.org
(in your ulog, you can recount how you got certified. )

Step five: Fill up this google form: https://forms.gle/hMGQYWuo6dFuQhg5A

More details and a walk-through video here: https://ulogs.org/@surpassinggoogle/syi5zn5a

You want to know why you should get certified then take your time to read this thank you https://forms.gle/mpQGTEUyQd4gFC5p9

If you encounter any issues with the steps, ask in this discord channel and you will surely get a reply: https://discord.gg/Ff43EC8

I am so proud to finally be a certified uloger. So what are you waiting for? Get certified today. Remember ulog is all about you

Thanks for checking my blog. It's your girl @prechyrukky

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@prechyrukky, Congratulations and wish that you will going to have a wonderful journey ahead. And in my opinion ULOG Ecosystem is opportunity and celebrity hood for one and all. Stay blessed.

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This Ulog thing keeps popping up :) Better find time for it.

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