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Apparently we all dream eyes wide open.
Some people dream every night.
Actually we all dream every night.
It is a process that keeps us alive.
Few of us remember about our dreams.
Some people dream during the day.
It is a phenomena that we do and others
might say <" Are you on the moon?>"
Our minds are wondering elsewhere.
I feel we all need to try it to the extend
of not feeling sad.
Depression, stress play a big role.
I want to emphasize today about reality.

Some might say we are living in the matrix
Do you remember these movies?
Matrix, Inception, name a few.
The way you carry your life shows
what direction to take.
I always envision greatness.
You cannot dream greatness
You have to act on it.
I love that saying
Just a quick example how I did enjoy
myself this weekend.
I made sure I put time away
to watch the best soccer game last Saturday.
It was a blast.
June will be a special month going forward.
Vacation is looming for the kids.
Work is getting more serious.
I have to plan accordingly to
move forward.
I did go to couple events and I see
dreams does not move mountains.
Seriousness and real talk do move
whatever the obstacles are.
I want to know more
the application
I had difficulty posting through #steemit.
Very good to get acquaintance with other
apps in order to keep on writing on #steem.
It feels good to dream.
It all depends from what you put in as well
in your head.
Sorry to say you put crap in,you dream crap out and
all day.
It is a lot better to work on your dream.
One thing I never see in any dreams
You got to do the unconfortable one thing everyday
to move forward.
Keep dreaming at night
During the day act on it and accomplish
what set ahead of you.
Keep on steemin'



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Right ! Work hard and play hard 👍


Not play hard , pray hard because we are living in the last day

great post but you need read the verse in the bible .JEHOVAH tell us in the last day i will put my spirit in everybody, i will give them dream,vision .

Trust in the words of GOD not in our own undestanding

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thank GOD and JESUS CHRIST for me because i don't dream crap and when i pray GOD talk to me clearly in my dream fight my battle


This post is not about spiritual.
This post is all about reality in life.
Dream to become whatever you want.
Whatever you dream, you act to do it to better your life physically.


what is the reality , we are all different we don't see and know GOD the same way