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Not much to say today as I take a break from the internet. I have a collection of gifs I thought you might be interested in.
. . . . Creative Commons > Share and Enjoy.

Gifs from Steemit @carlos-cabeza https://steemit.com/@carlos-cabeza
Some are old but still good.



Energy Light 1.gif


Explocion Steemit Logo.gif


IDENTITY Logo Steemit.gif

letter Systems.gif

Logo Energy Steemit.gif

Logo Water SyStemS 1.gif

LogoColorSyStemS V2.gif


Realistic Black And Silver.gif

Realistic Gold 2.gif

Realistic Reflections.gif

Roboto Steemit.gif

Shatter Logo Steemit.gif

Space Steemit Epic.gif


He also made some for Christmas. . . If you're interested.







I love Carlos work and found his videos on
YOUTUBE where I had to made short gifs so
he could get more exposure. He deserves
to be check him out here.

These are a few of my faves on giphy.com where
I spend a lot of my time creating.






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Www friend are great, very good I will keep them in my gallery for an indicated time, thanks for sharing them :)


That's good cuz some aren't around anymore.

Some times when you are not sure what to post you just need to find a new fun tag. There are quite a few that are for the day of the week. A new one (least for me seeing it) as of late is called #wednesdaywalk. I personally don’t have the time and nowhere really interesting to walk to. There are always a bunch of things like that to have some fun with.

Have an amazing day and thanks for sharing the gifs.


You are always so helpful. Thanks.
I am getting under a dollar for my post
so I will have to go another direction.


You just have to find a community that appreciate you for you. It took me well over a year and dozen or so community till I've found one that seems to enjoy my content.

Since you have an amazing talent at creating humor using photos I would try and find a place that enjoys something like that.

Have you ever looked into something like this? I’m not quite sure what they require. I’ve seen some of the people I follow do them from time to time.


While its not something I would do I think that might be right up your talent tree!

You used your creativity very well and even Christmas versions are not bad ... The GIF upvote caught my attention and I found it the funniest of all.

Although, I prefer the second one, that gives off an illumination of it and the one below with gray backgrounds, they look excellent and with a very good quality.

@pitterpatter is so good with GIFs when replying comments. Lol you're making me love it btw. Hope you're good tho?


YOU think I'm funny with the comments.
I'll show you funny.

Hello @pitterpatter, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Talented Bloggers are going else_ where > on Steemit.
Minnows are discouraged and this encorages the artists.

Your Excellency Collection! I think I'll use some Gifs ... until I can do it.


I use them so can you. It makes people happy.


Thank you very much!