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Rudbeckia hirta, commonly called black-eyed Susan, is a North American flowering plant in the sunflower family, native to Eastern and Central North America and naturalized in the Western part of the continent as well as in China. It has now been found in all 10 Canadian Provinces and all 48 of the states in the contiguous United States.

Rudbeckia hirta is one of a number of plants with the common name black-eyed Susan. Other common names for this plant include: brown-eyed Susan, brown betty, gloriosa daisy, golden Jerusalem, English bull's eye, poor-land daisy, yellow daisy, and yellow ox-eye daisy.

The plant also is a traditional Native American medicinal herb in several tribal nations; believed in those cultures to be a remedy, among other things, for colds, flu, infection, swelling and (topically, by poultice) for snake bite (although not all parts of the plant are edible).

The black-eyed Susan which also traditionally symbolizes “Justice” makes a very nice cut-flower with a vase life up to 10 days.
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All photograph's by @paradise-found

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@ paradise-found this flower is really beautiful, besides a healing plant, that's great, excellent pictures.
thank you very much for letting us know these beautiful images and all your information
I wish you an excellent weekend

these flowers are pretty, papa bear <3 thank you for sharing this post <3
A great way to start the BER months :-) <3

Beautiful Black-eyed Susan! Thank you for sharing the medicinal info of the flowers. I believe the Echinacea, family with Black-eyed Susan, also used as medicinal herb.

that flower looks really beautiful, love the color , and i like how it's called "blackeyed susan

miss you paps , always take care
bear hugs!!! 😘❤️❤️❤️

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