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Today I have a video from moving day.
Moving day was when we started moving our lovely daughter Lesly to her residence near the UWSP campus. Last night, which was Wednesday evening, was her first night staying at her new place. I can tell you I miss her already.

Moving day video

To see photo's and learn more about the move click this link.

Thanks for visiting, have a awesome day!!


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Oh man just like the other comments I cant deny that the chair looks so awesome, great job with the room set up @paradise-found


Thanks @simonjay!! It really did turn out very nice!!

Lesly is so pretty and she seems very excited and happy!
I love that big chair too, looks so comfy! :D

Have a great day, Papa Bear! <3


Thanks Nina!! Bear Hugs!!

Greetings. Lesly's room looks very comfortable, sure she also misses them


Thank you so much!!
Followed you!!


Thanks so much

I love the chair, it looks so comfortable and it looks like Lesly loves it.
I bet you miss her a lot and so does Mama Bear. Those first days especially must feel pretty sad and hard to let go.
Sending hugs and love.


Yes, you are so right.
The first days are hard!!
I miss her very much!!
Bear Hugs!!

Thanks for your upvote.


Thank you!!

What a sweet video for remembering the special day.

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@ paradise-found what satisfaction to see our children grow and move in life
thank you very much for giving us to know this emotional video dear friend
I wish you a great day


Indeed you are right!!
Have a wonderful day my friend!!

Awww! Papa bear I'm sure you'll miss her more in the coming days. She's so pretty and excited! And yes, there's something about that comfy chair :-) <3 I wish we have like that here, too :-D