Ulog #12: 8th years in Service

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Today is an important day for me since the 21st of June marks my 8th year at work. I know this is a short period of time compared to those who are celebrating silver anniversaries at their job but for me, It's meaningful, I did not expect I can reach this long at my present job. Enduring night shifts and changing environments is not easy to deal with and I just want to tap myself for doing a great job. I'd like this post to be a look back from the first month of my deployment. This post is a mixture of inspiration, discouragement, tiredness, and hope. I am just clearing the view if you happen to stumble in my wall and read this post.

In my 8 years at work I've met 2 types of a leader. One who is tactless and the latter is inspiring. Let me share you the story of my Tactless Sup number 1...

He told me I am a slow learner during my first month at work being deployed. Even now that I am recalling his words, it still pinched my heart. I went to the c.r and cried that time digesting what he told me. He is tactless in a way that he will tell you exactly what he thinks of you. I made my decision to submit my resignation the next day however; As I slept that night, there is something bothering me... If I quit not proving anything then I will validate his definition of me so I tear up my resignation letter (this is exaggerating) but I didn't pass my resignation letter to him/ What I did is the opposite... I gave my all and do my best to learn. To my surprise, I'm still breathing when he decided to leave the company. He resigned, part of me is happy...(obviously) but I can feel sadness as well with his decision, After all, he is still my first mentor at work.

Here comes Sup number 2 , The Inspiring Leader. ...

I am amazed at her the first time we've met. She is friendly and explained clearly what is the goal of the team. Her motto every start of the month is always ...

Start strong!

After monthly coachings, I walked out from the feedback room recharged. I am like a car out of fuel when coming into the feedback room but refueled after our conversation. She inspired me the best way she can and the exact opposite of my previous supervisor, she believes in my potential. I admire her professionalism at work, she's a good friend outside the office but at work, she is a leader. There is a change in the atmosphere whenever we are at work. She's still my present supervisor and I am forever grateful for the work ethic she instilled in me.

To wrap up my post today... before, I have remorse against my Tactless Supervisor but now I realized, it is the style of his leadership. His words somehow hurt my ego so I responded in defense, Inspiring Supervisor pushes me also to act. Either way, the end result is still the same I took an action. I am biased by my own judgment but weighing the leadership styles among the two, I will choose the Inspiring Supervisor. Yeah.. they have different leadership styles but she's one factor why I survive my 8 years of journey at work. Different strokes for different folks as what they say...for me, a true leader is capable to inspire and build the confidence of their subordinates when they lost their own belief to themselves.

How about you, will you go for a Tactless boss or the inspiring one?

Please drop your insights thru your comments...

Cheers to prosperous careers!


woow..congrats don.. 2 yrs na lang mag trophy naka..ahaha

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