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Since I was unable to post ulog on saturday and Sunday, then let's do it today. Thanks to @sirpassinggoogle for this initiative.

Saturday was a very busy and hectic day for me. I woke up very early in the morning preparing for my CDS extra rehearsal , that was when this beautiful rain started, it was so heavy that it was creating erosion here and there. People were feeling lazy already and they were saying different excuses on the Whatsapp group, I tried encouraging them one after the other and made them see reasons why they need to attend rehearsals, we are heading to a big competition.

I had my bath and dressed up, I had plan to go to the venue bring out the drums and starts perfecting my drum lines , I called the guy in charge of the key and he promised to meet me there.

imagewhen I was going


imageselfie with our local zamfara drums and CDS coordinator

Thank God people that promised me to come showed up, our CDS coordinator came and an idea came to snap with the CDS coordinator and post it in the group maybe people would be encouraged.....yippeeee! It worked.... People came.

The rehearsal was a marathon one, up to 6 hours, it was awesome and I was happy and can now be confident that we will be able to make it to the competition now.

I hurried from the CDS rehearsal to NCCF Exgratia rehearsal I was a bit late but still met the rehearsal, and it was dark before we finished.

I'll talk about Sunday tomorrow..... Stay tuned and thanks for reading my blog. Bless you


Endless fun. I like the fact that you do not joke with updating us with your ulog. Keep it up.

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CDS... where are you serving?

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Am happy you had a great day,....... Better days ahead!

Am happy you had a great day,....... Better days ahead!

Thanks you too