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Yeah, it is #ULOG again thanks to @surpassinggoogle for this privilege....my day today was productive although hectic a little let me take you through the journey of my day...

I woke up early this morning and I didn't know why I was just feeling lazy to leave the bed....lolz....after the devotion I resumed Whatsapp on my bed for like 2 hours, I didn't know what happened, normally I was supposed to have a class by 9:20am till around 11:20am in my school, infact 3 classes combined but i was not feeling like it.

I later decided to stand up around 10am, had my bath and headed to school at least I can use other teacher's period cos that's what they enjoy doing mostly in that school they will use your period telling you to use theirs...no mind them. I prepared and got something to eat.

imageHow I looked when going to school

I beckoned to kabu (motorcycle) and headed to school , only to get to school and I first noticed the Serenity of the environment, on a normal good day, these students are noise makers, what happened? I moved closer and I discovered that most classes are closed only SSS3 and SSS2A are in school for exams and extra classes respectively. I saw one student and asked him in simple English, he did not even understand what I meant until I used signed language combined with every little Hausa I understand, after 15minutes of talking and skipping I was able to cut and joined everything he was saying to mean " there is no school because of breaking of fast happening tomorrow ".....

imagethe school environment

I hurried home cos I do have lots of clothes to sew, I got home and worked on a lil of them.

After then it was time for choir rehearsal and as the P.R.O I have to disseminate notification of rehearsal time online and also from one room to another in the family house, I did that if Whatsapp and headed to family house, the rehearsal was great and the song we rehearsed was " He waited for me by Travis grene" it was a great moment.

After the rehearsal, I submitted my shout out to appropriate quarters at the kingdom FM radio in the house just to greet everyone, had my dinner and headed home...

That was all

Thanks for reading my blog, I am @oladayoamusan


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I woke up early this morning and I didn't know why I was just feeling lazy to leave the bed....lolz...

It happens sometimes.
Thanks for sharing your day with us

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