ULOG: 008 enemy in the Blanket.

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really your heart ... dissatisfied satisfied you hurt my feelings .. i love you so much but you don't care about me anymore.
for three years I have faithfully accompanied you when your distress and my happiness have always been there for you ... now you have succeeded did you not go with another woman really cruel you
Don't waste energy on a traitor, because in fact his character is inferior to you.
Because a person who has the potential to become a traitor is not from the enemy but from the closest person like friends and friends.Pretty smile for someone who has done evil to you, Remember, that god never sleeps. and there are times when they can reply.
A hypocrite is a person who likes to keep unwrapped gifts with rotten meat, always likes to show off wrappings, but always likes to open the contents.Behind the pain of betrayal I feel, I thank you. because your betrayal makes me no longer friends with hypocrisy.Because sometimes, you have to be ready to accept rough answers, even though you speak as politely as possible

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