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and the day we look forward to finally come also we all employees can holiday mistaken one of the city that has outstanding scenery,
we get a five-day vacation during the five we utilize as best as possible by visiting some tourist attractions in this city, after passing our long journey together with a bunch of dinner together at a restaurant around where we were staying, this is our group whose face remains smiling walaupon has been through a very tiring journey, after our meal soon rest to gather energy tomorrow to continue the holiday11755802_862594407160106_8491167696383932658_n.jpg

and on the next day we continue our journey to a beach where the beach is visited by many tourists who come here Melur Beach, a beautiful beach that has a high historical value that has been proven to make tourists fall in love for keeksotisannya, Imagine, and cool sit by the beach with the white sand, blue sea water, the waves are soothing, and while enjoying the breeze of the breeze . Not only beautiful, Melur Beach is also still very clean preservation. No wonder, this beach is perfect for a stopover for those of you who can find the hustle and bustle of daily routine for some people who live in urban areas.12036654_890210837731796_5702972970057801534_n.jpg

after enjoying the beauty of the beach, there is nothing else that is also present in this coastal area of the bridge is highly terpupolerasi in this city, and according to say a bridge similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, America. This bridge uses a live cable to bind the bridge. The ends of the cable are tied at the edges at a certain distance1469860_855977461155134_6234543681993342287_n.jpg



a very memorable holiday moments for me, and I really enjoy this kayak holiday ,, can be gathered with friends one office can joke laughter

just this is my short story about vacation time

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Have a great holidays guys.:)