ulog # 004 an unexpected surprise

in ulog •  2 years ago 

That afternoon I was late to go to campus I thought the lecturer did not go in, so I called to my friend that lecturer came for a while so I was ready to campus when I entered my room surprised with happy birthday song, I can not say anything I can not saying what II was so moved by my friends on campus to remember my birthday, that day I'm happy happy. I am very grateful to those who painstakingly made a little surprise for me, this simple walaupon is quite luxurious to me. thanks for everything i love kalain all emang you my real friend.


after they love surprise for me I am invited to eat eat with them all. after all I was ready to go back to my boarding .. at night that I received many birthday greetings from my closest people, so when I was lying in my room I was on the phone with my friend to take the road, I talked out with him I immediately replace pakain dah ready to be picky at pick up as he fits him come he immediately said happy birthday I kept him given the same flowers he. I am very happy

and it turns out the surprise that I received did not stop there the next day I was invited to eat with my close friends .. and there are a few minutes I chatted to him suddenly they sang happy birthday song and they bring birthday cake I can only silence and terseyum and I was very happy at the time


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Here is an unexpected upvote for you, I am your fan.

Happy birthday and thanks for doing #ulog.