ulog# 003 enjoy the chill of the mountains

in ulog •  2 years ago 

enjoying a very pleasant natural atmosphere. especially with the cool and calm weather suitable to please the mind that back stress, much less mind is burdened with working in the office
and I went back to Salak mountain not far from where I live, I often come here because here presents a pleasant atmosphere if not forget to enjoy a cup of coffee is very delicious typical village here.
I feel comfortable going to this place than I spend my time to the mall I prefer to this place .. here we can feel the cool atmosphere, cool, dah feel a calm mind, and can refresh the mind again stress, lost all if been here


on holiday arriving this tourist place many people who come here from various regions because in this tourist place presents many beautiful scenery, the visitors can also sip various types of coffee provided at stalls in the mountains. the panorama surrounding the mountain is also very beautiful and beautiful
this is the condition of the tourist spot on holiday filled with the visitors



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